Oral sex is kinky at a glory hole

Can you say for certain the last time you went to the glory hole it was a woman that gave you oral sex? You got to admit you really don’t know if it was a bisexual man or woman that sucked your cock. All you really know is you felt a nice pair of lips wrap around you. While a warm wet tongue rubbed against your shaft your cock grew hard. I would know after all the time I spend in there pimping out the little cock suckers. Like my newest client for example, he’s a submissive with a secret bisexual side. While his cock fetish started out as just fantasy it’s now a craving he can no longer ignore. It’s not enough for him to suck a strap on or jerk off to the thought because now he needs more.

For awhile he was able to cum just from me giving him phone sex but then the desire grew stronger. I was able to convince him to slide on my panties for humiliation while forcing him to give oral sex to my strap on. But still his desires kept growing so I took him to a glory hole. We kept it with one. I started by making him hold it in his hand so he could feel it out before tasting it. His hand begin to stroke up and down on that cock while I instructed him how. Then his lips wrapped around the head while he stroked the shaft. I noticed the camera in the corner of the room and pointed out to my cock sucker.

The filming humiliated him. But after we wrapped up our glory hole day I managed to get a copy. I showed him the copy then I used it in my blackmail scheme. He was forced to go back and perform more oral sex but this time clients were paying customers. It was easy pimping out his mouth in an ad on craigslist. The owner kept supplying me with videos because of all the customers I brought him. Now my little cock sucker is a pro at oral sex and makes me a lot of money doing it. How much do you think your mouth could make me? Looking for hot blackmail sex stories? I got them!

Kinky Kelsey