Oral Sex – Blowing Santa At The Mall

Oral Sex with Santa is a yearly Christmas delight.  That is just one of the many perks for playing the mall elf.

And my elf costume is sexy as hell.  I wear a low cut white blouse with a green jacket with red velvet trim.  My ass looks amazing in the short, tight red skirt with matching red stellate heels.

Last year,  we had a new Santa and I could not wait to unwrap his package to find out what was inside.

After all, it is the elf’s job to assist Santa in every way.  With this in mind, all day long I would help place the little dreamers on his lap for a picture.  And while getting them settled on his lap, I ran my fingers over his legs, or between them.  I wanted to see what his reaction would be.

It was a BIG response.

It appeared that Santa had a nice present in there for his Elf.

Rather than suffer from a raging hard cock all day, Santa took an early break.  I followed him into the wonderland house built just for Santa and his crew.

While he waited for me to bring him a rich cup of cocoa I bent over low, ensuring that he saw my candy striped panties.

Handing him the cup it slipped and cocoa spilled right down the front of his suit.  What is an Elf to do?

I Immediately opened his pants to help get them off.  That is when it popped out right in front of me.  A big, thick and I might add delicious cock.

Falling to my knees, I took that cock in hand and started to lick.  Then to be positive there was no cocoa on it, I slide the cock into my mouth and down my throat.

Being a dutiful Elf, I made sure that when he blew that snowy Christmas cum in my mouth, I licked up every drop.

I can’t wait to meet this years Santa.  I will let you know what happens.


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