Oral sex.  It was a warm evening in June with just a slight breeze.

Oral sex.  I’m driving to the bar in town, windows down, blaring country music while singing along with oral sex on my mind.  On my way to meet one of my girlfriends for a much-needed catch-up and drink.  The wind blowing through my long, blonde, wavy hair, gazing up at the sky I am seeing the most glorious sunset I think I’ve ever seen with brilliant colors of blue, pink, purple, orange.  The song “Whisky Girl” plays as I pull into the semi-crowded parking lot,  I glance in the mirror before getting out of the car, smelling the scent of grilled burgers and fried food, eyeing the cars to see if my friend had arrived yet.
Not seeing her, I decide to go in and wait for her anyway.  I get out of the car and adjust my short denim skirt and red off the shoulder top and begin walking up to the bar kicking myself for not breaking these tie up, wedge heel sandals in before wearing them tonight for the first time.  Thankful I at least took time out to get that pretty scarlet pedicure before going out.

I walk in and look around – mostly families in the restaurant, some couples in the 21 and over the seating area, and a few what seemed like lonely singles sitting directly around the bar.

I remember suddenly how self-conscious I always have felt walking into bars alone but take a deep breath and keep walking, finding a stool next to an empty one and on the other side sat a guy who seemed intent on his phone, not even looking up as I sat down.  This friendly red-headed bartender with a sweet smile turns and greets me, throws down a napkin, and says “what can I get you tonight, hon?”  I order an extra dirty vodka martini which I haven’t had in a long time.  The gentleman next to me looks up from his phone when I said the word “dirty” and grinned slyly giving me a wink.

His blue eyes were deep, piercing.

He went back to his phone and I had an opportunity to check him out without him knowing I was staring.  He was wearing jeans, a tight black t-shirt, with broad shoulders and defined arms.  I figured he either works out or is in the construction of something.  His appearance was rugged, dark blonde hair, slightly messy and out of place and just a hint of a 5’o’clock shadow graced his jawline. The bartender brought me my drink and feeling parched all of a sudden, I downed it quickly, like a shot.  Very unladylike I thought to myself as it burned my throat. She smiled and asked if I wanted another and all I could do was nod yes trying not to choke, my eyes watering.
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