Oh How I Love to Humiliate!

I met him in a bar a few months ago and we literally laughed the night away. I hadn’t heard from him in a while so I was surprised when my phone rang and I saw Keith’s name. He had planned a weekend away for use and asked me to pack a bag. I agreed and went about getting ready for him. I just hope he is ready for me to humiliate him.

He picked me up later that day and he looked absolutely delicious. He had a nice beard growing in and he had an amazing aroma to him! I’d forgotten how muscular and bulky he was. Just my type! I jumped in his truck and we headed up to his cabin in the woods.


As soon as we were through the door we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. We were groping and tearing clothing off! He told me he had a surprise for me. Something I’d been talking about doing for a while. We walked into the bedroom and there was another man standing in the corner naked. He was a much smaller build than Keith. His cock was also a good size smaller! I almost laughed but tried not too.

Keith explained that we were going to humiliate and tease Bob. Bob was a friend of Keith’s so it wasn’t too weird at first. Keith and I started to fuck on the bed. He had me in doggy, ramming my ass when he came hard! I was surprised how quickly he released inside of me. I was lost in the moment when I realized Bob was now between my legs.

Keith was ordering him to eat his hot cum right out of my ass. Bob was sucking and slurping every last drop out of me. I then felt Keith’s hand reach around me and start to rub my clit. I quivered under his touch. I could feel myself reaching for another release. While Bob was sucking me clean, I came again; vision blurring.

That weekend we had fun teasing and making Bob do all the dirty work. He was our little clean up boy, and we sure used him well! He was so much fun to humiliate. Almost like a puppy with their tail between their legs.

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