Oh Joy Sex Toy is a website that brings you reviews of everyday sex topics from basic sex to the sex industry. One subject that piqued my curiosity was adult coloring books. According to the American Art Therapy Association, art therapy is used to “explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, manage behavior, addictions and increase self-esteem.” similar to our phone sex conversations.  It’s our therapy time to explore your feelings, conflicts, and addictions while we build your self-esteem. (Thank you, Dr. Raven) Combining adult coloring book activity and phone sex, you are not only learning, but you are developing and improving yourself.

With that being said, Oh Joy Sex Toy states that the benefits of Adult Coloring Books are definitely therapeutic. Coloring also allows you to switch off your brain from other thoughts and focus only on the moment. You know exactly what I mean. Turn it all off and be “IN” the moment. Just as you should during actual sex.

Enjoy the moment. Ready…Imagine all those erotic pictures as you flip through the pages. Almost like flipping through the internet looking at porno. You can’t help but get aroused. This is a more interactive activity. (Stop being silly – Yes sex is real! This is a therapy activity) Your adventure begins as you select the picture and begin to color.

Imagine yourself in the moment. Use long, hard, smooth colored pencils. That’s my personal preference, as I slide my fingers up and down coloring. Yes, your mind will start to wonder. You can’t help yourself as you begin to imagine yourself in the scenario. Coloring and creating the perfect woman for you. Beautiful long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and fire engine red lipstick. Those are the big blue eyes staring up at you, as she gives you an unforgettable blow job. Those same luscious red lips that you colored, are now sucking your throbbing hard cock. Viola! You’ve created the perfect woman ( and Yes she doesn’t speak – so she can’t interrupt your session) Don’t knock it til you try stress relief coloring. You will truly become engaged in your activity in more way than one.

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