My office sex fantasy came true today! I have many fantasies that I can’t wait to explore, but I had no idea this was cumming my way so soon! What a pleasant surprise! I’m a secretary in an office full of very good looking businessmen, most are married, but we are always flirting around! One of my fantasies is where any one of them comes onto me and we have sex in the office within hearing distance and a step or 2 from being walked in on. This is so exciting to me!

Well, this morning we had a huge client presentation that was going on so I had to be at work extra early to set up the board room. I like to look sexy all the time but I take extra care in how I dress for the office (probably because of my fantasy and the gorgeous men surrounding me ;)). Today I’m wearing one of my favorite outfits and will probably wear it more often if I continue to get results like I did this morning!

So, it was about 6:30 and the meeting was planned to begin at 7:00 am sharp. Since the executives like to be a few minutes early to get situated, I was in the board room setting up the projector and starting some coffee. As I’m leaning over the board room table to plug in some wires I feel a hand rubbing up my thigh. Chills ran up my spine! I wasn’t positive at the time but now I know it was a mixture of fear and complete sexual excitement! Before I could even move, my skirt was hiked up and I could feel his fingers sliding my thong to the side. I was already dripping wet so his fingers slid right in. His hand lands on the back of my neck and pushes me against the table as he slides his fingers out of my pussy and into my ass. Then I feel he cock sliding into my pussy – he’s not taking his time and starts fucking me hard and fast. Before I know it, I’m cumming and he’s sliding his dick into my ass so he can cum! I feel his cum filling my entire ass!

Just as we stand up, I’m sliding down my skirt (thong still pushed to the side and hair a mess) the VP of the company walks in!! WHEW that definitely was close. I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what was going on and maybe even wanted in on the action since I saw a sly little grin form on his gorgeous lips as he looked at me and then my co-worker. He looked as if he was about to say something but before he could the rest of the meeting attendants began filing in. What an AMAZING start to my day and work week!

XOXO ~ Tiffany


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