Who Would Have Thunk that a bit of Office Espionage would have me on the Receiving End of an Office Blackmail Sex Story? Who indeed…

I’m nervous.  Because the boss has asked me to stay late – that he needs to talk to me about something.  I’m terrified he knows… but how?  I thought I was so careful.  Surely he couldn’t possibly know about my extracurricular activities. Could he? I only wish I had come across something to make him the object of an office blackmail sex story. Damn!!

Consequently, my thoughts are going a thousand miles a minute. I’m sure no one suspects that the little jewel nestled between my full breasts actually holds a tiny cam.  I’ve been slowly copying files and taking snapshots of sensitive material.  The minuscule USB drive is firmly in place between my thighs, held in place by the lace top of my thigh-high stockings. Again, I groan to myself, wishing I had something over my boss’s head to blackmail him with.

The fruits of my labor have been feathering my little nest egg quite nicely, thank you very much.  As a matter of fact, that little nest egg is going to assure my early retirement, lying on a secluded beach, sipping Mai Tai’s served by some beefed-up stud muffin.  Corporate espionage is such an ugly phrase.  I prefer a diversified distribution facilitator.  That has more of a ring to the entrepreneur in me.

As I enter his office, he motions for me to take a seat. Walking around me, he makes his way to the door as I hear the undeniable snick of the lock.

He comes up behind me, leaning over me, his lips scant inches from my ear.

“You’ve been a very naughty, naughty little girl, haven’t you Ms. Fontaine.”

Shit, It’s not a matter of IF he knows, but HOW MUCH he knows.

“I assure you I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Let me refresh your memory.”

Then he proceeds to punch in a few keystrokes on his keyboard and grabs the remote to the monitor on the wall. The screen comes to life, and what comes to view are images of me. First of me snapping pictures with my bra cam, and then of me copying a sensitive file onto my mini USB drive and stashing it in my thigh-high stocking’s top band.  Finally,  images of me stealing company files and leaving the building with them.

That’s when I realize that I’m screwed… “Fuck” is all I can muster under my breath, but he heard me nevertheless.

“That would be the desired result here, yes.”

I look at him, panic hitting me hard at first, but then confusion… what did he mean? Eventually, he saw my growing confusion mixed with apprehension and continued.

“I’m sure we can come to a mutually satisfying agreement.”

The realization hits me; the words office blackmail sex story fills my thoughts.

He owns my ass now… in more ways than one.  immediately I see the lust grow as he peruses my body with his hungry eyes.

“Do we have an understanding, Ms. Fontaine?”

I swallow hard, weighing my options; five to ten in federal prison, or agree to the terms of his office blackmail sex story. Doing time is definitely not in my early retirement plans. That’s when I tell myself to suck it up, and I’m forced to nod in agreement.

“I knew you were a smart girl. Now go stand over there facing the wall, arms stretched forward and your hands pressed against the wall.”

Trepidation starts to bloom deep inside me, but surprisingly with a rather large side of excitement. Thoughts of kinky sex games strangely fill my mind. That’s when I feel him come up behind me, his hard body pressed against mine. I can feel his thick length against my ass as his hand presses me against him – even more so as he rolls his hips into me.

His warm breath is in my ear, and his hand slides over my ass, grabbing my skirt as he pulls it up; his fingers finding their way inside my wet panties.

Wet Panties?? Oh God yes – I’m so wet; my breath is labored, my nipples hard as diamonds.

I feel his foot between mine, and him kicking my stance wide. Then his fingers thrust deep inside my greedy pussy. The sounds of his fingers fucking me reverberating throughout the room, and the heavy scent of my sex perfumes the air.

The sound of his words is deep, almost guttural in my ear, and I’m sure they are said through clenched teeth.  “Oh yeah, you want this, don’t you? You’re so wet, so ready.  You’re going to be my own personal slut and do everything I say, is that clear? After all, what’s a little office blackmail sex story between friends?”



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