This time I’ve REALLY gotten myself into a deep and complex situation involving, as usual, married men!

There is a REALLY fucking sexy married man after me… and we ALL know how much I love those married men with their sexually deprived cocks! But THIS married man is a little bit different – he’s my best friend’s husband! I know it’s SO fucking wrong, but I just can’t help myself! The other day, out of the blue, he just starts texting me. Pretty soon, we were sexting, instead! He sent me a pic of his smoothly shaved cock and balls (my best friend is cheating, but I can’t figure out WHY! That dick is HUGE, with such a perfectly big, fat mushroom head!), and I took a selfie of me from the neck down and sent it to him. It’s progressed further and further, to the point that he wants to come to my house tonight. Just “to talk” of course. (RIGHT! It’s cute sometimes, the way guys think that girls are dumb enough to fall for that!)

…should I let him? I know he’s my best friend’s husband. But I also know that she’s cheating on him, and that big beautiful cock is just sitting there, night after night, going to waste! He also seems to have a slight fixation of his own: an ORAL fixation! According to him, he wants to tie my wrists to the bedposts and lick me til I scream and beg  for mercy! How is a girl who loves bondage, having her pussy licked, AND married men supposed to resist!? I can’t help myself!  I wanna be his dirty secret girlfriend on the side. And we ALL know that if it’s what I want? It WILL happen!

I’ll be writing more about our naughty adventures as things progress between us, so be sure to stay tuned for more details!

Your dirty homewrecking phone slut,

[email protected]