My date last night gave me lots of attention, I was such a lucky girl. I knew I was in for a good night when Johnny couldn’t take his eyes off me and all the way back to his place he’d slide a hand up my skirt whenever we got to a red light. By the time we finally got there he couldn’t wait to get his hands all over me and I want it to get fingered.

He practically ripped my clothes off and pushed me down on the bed. I laid there and watched as he eagerly got undressed and climbed on the bed. I reached for him and pulled him down on top of me and he held the back of my head while kissing me hard. I sank backwards and he kept kissing me, his mouth going from my lips down my neck and over to one of my breasts.He licked it, sliding his tongue closer to my nipple. He licked around it and I felt it harden as his wet, rough tongue touched me. One of his hands held my other breast, cupping it while squeezing it softly. Gentle touches turn me on just as much as roughness and I started to get wet. I rubbed my thighs together and he knew I was aching to be touched. He rolled my nipple between his fingers as his mouth closed around my other one. His warm mouth covered me as he started to suck on it and I put my hand on his head so he couldn’t stop. I moaned and he took his hand off my breast, moving it down my stomach and to my pussy. I parted my legs for him and he put his hand over my pussy, cupping it while pushing a finger inside me. He felt how wet I was and added a second finger. He began to slowly pump them in and out of me and I moaned. It felt so good that I just had to rock my hips, urging him to keep going. He moved faster and I writhed on the bed. His mouth sucked harder, making my nipple tingle and my pussy was throbbing. I could feel myself getting wetter, my juices dripping down my crack and I told him I needed to cum. He moaned on me and it vibrated against me as I begged him to fuck me. He slid his fingers up and moved them slowly until he found my clit. I gasped when he brushed over it and he went back to it. He put a finger on it and my legs twitched. He began to rub it, doing it hard and fast, making my need grow. I groaned and put my hand on his hand, pushing him and forcing him to keep going. My back tensed up and my nails dug into him as I spaced out, completely lost in what my body was doing. I clenched around him and moaned deeply, cumming all over his fingers.

My nipple slid out of his mouth and he took his fingers out of me while I laid there panting. He put his messy wet fingers on my breast again and held me, covering me with my juices. His fingers pinched my hard little nipple and I knew he was getting me ready for another round.




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