One of my favorite kinds of porn is vintage styled porno’s, I don’t know why it appeals to me so much but there is just something about the style of it that really draws me to it. So while I was browsing the computer late into the wee hours when I couldn’t sleep I stumbled across a clip of a women in a phone booth with hands coming out from all over and stripping her clothing off.

It made me drip and has led to many naughty nights in bed imagining dozens of hands pulling off my own clothing in a phone booth, moaning into a corded phone and completely naked as those hands roam, rolling my nipples around between their thumb and index finger while the others slide along my body. Two skillful fingers sliding into my sweet eager pussy to give it a finger fucking like never before. Then in the midst of the overload of pleasure from these skillful hands feeling a actual cock hard and throbbing press against my ass-cheeks. I never get to see my assailant as the hands don’t allow me to look back instead fingers pry my mouth open and begin fucking my mouth as a meaty cock would.

That dick slides itself right up my ass, stretching it, filling me, and taking my breath away. His hands grabbing onto my hips and moving me like his personal fuck toy against his shaft. He violates, owns, and plunders my tight starfish the pounding getting harder and harder until those other hands disappear and I am left moaning in completely ecstasy. He doesn’t stop till he deposits his massive load in my ass and making me cum from the sheer force of it. He lets my just drop to the floor of the telephone booth panting and feeling my shithole completely stuffed with creamy goodness.



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