One hell of a new years party

Every year I throw a new years party because there is no better way to celebrate the new year than with a bang or two. I got dressed in my slut outfit and stocked up on the liquor but by 10 I was already wasted. There were so many people fucking that my house began to look like a red light district. In my bedroom was a full blown orgy, two different couples on my couch fucking, and my kitchen there was a wet shirt contest that I know ended up dirty. I did manage to sneak away with one cutie he’s the one responsible for getting me drunk but he turned out to be a lot of fun. The guest bedroom was the only empty room and once we closed the door we were all over each other.

I had never had a man who loved ass worship as much as he did. There wasn’t anything he didn’t want to do to my ass including ass sniffing and ass licking. I’m getting all hot now just thinking about the kinky things he did to my ass. I love it when a man take his time on me so I didn’t stop him. After rolling him over I decided it was my turn to tease. I took my time using my tongue on his cock.  I could tell how badly I teased him when he flipped me over doggy style and gave me a hard deep fucking.

The countdown had began I could hear everyone counting down from the other room. He fucked me harder the closer to midnight we got and then finally he explodes. His load blowing inside me and his twitching cock was satisfying. After he left the room I laid on the bed amazed. My new years party was fun. If I had only known that wasn’t the only fucking I’d be getting. The door opens and unknown man enters seeing me completely naked on my bed he kneels and begins licking my pussy. He had no idea my juices weren’t the only juices he was tasting. It turned me on giving him that cream pie treat. The best way to end one year and begin another.

Kinky Kelsey