I have a sexy new neighbor. He is tall, dark, and handsome. Although we haven’t spoken much other than small talk, I am having a new BBC neighbor fantasy about him.

In fact, since I saw him running in those tiny shorts, that his huge limp cock bouncing, I can’t stop thinking about him. When I am soaking in my tub, I start imagining him walking through the door.

He is stripping as he walks through the bathroom door. Of course, he comes to me in the tub. I have an old clawfoot tub with room for both of us and he climbs inside with me.

That is just one of the new BBC neighbor fantasy moments I am having.

In truth, this sexy man next door is my new masturbation material. Similarly, my fantasies have him ravaging me in my living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Each fantasy is different.

Of course, some of them include others too. For instance, I have a friend that has a tiny white dick that has been the victim of my mean young SPH. And, he would be perfect for a cuck night with the hot neighbor.

Thinking of the two of them is bringing me a hot new BBC neighbor fantasy. I love the idea of Henry pulling out his four-inch dick and we laugh at him as my well-hung neighbor fucks me and Henry has to watch.

Afterward, Henry will be cleaning all that cum out of my pussy.

Then, there is the one where I am in the kitchen fixing dinner. Additionally, it is hot outside and I am barely wearing anything. My sexy new friend comes asking for a cup of sugar and can’t resist me.

He comes inside and starts kissing me. Running those big strong hands all over my body. Of course, my pussy is already super wet and ready when he slips some fingers inside me.

In this new BBC neighbor fantasy, he then bends me over the kitchen table and lifts my short skirt up. He drops down and starts kissing and caressing my ass cheeks.

In this new BBC neighbor fantasy, he is as kinky as I am.

He spreads my beautiful round ass cheeks and runs his tongue around my perfect asshole. I moan loudly as my pussy gets even creamier. I can see his cock bulging against his shorts.

Every inch of me wants him to stand up and take me. And, not just fuck me, but to man-handle me. Roughly, grab my hair and neck and slam his throbbing, rigid rod deep inside me.

This is my favorite of the new BBC neighbor fantasy fun I am having. It brings out the submissive in me and creates the dominant in him. As he is fucking me with that huge cock, I cum hard all over him.

Of course, he isn’t done yet.

He turns me around, pushes me down on my knees, and shoots that hot load all over my face and big beautiful tits. There are so many more but of course, you need to call me to hear them!

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