Top 20 Nerd Sex Fantasies

Welcome my fellow nerds to the Top 20 nerd sex fantasy character.  Every real nerd has those 1..2…3…4 characters from a comic, movie or game that drives them wild and its not just the men; its the same for us women too.  Well let’s get to it here are my top 20 nerd sex fantasies.

1. Princess Leia in the Gold Bikini

2. Wonder Woman

3. Wolverine

4. The Hulk

5. Harley Quinn

6. Darth Vader/Anakin

7. Thor

8. Catwoman

9. Batgirl

10. Jean Grey

11. Gambit

12. Storm

13. Legolas

14. Daenerys

15. Lieutenant Uhura

16. Gamora

17. Tony Stark

18. Buffy

19. Poison Ivy

20. Xena Warrior Princess

Did your favorites make the cut?  If not maybe we can work on that. 😉  You know you either fantasized about fucking one of these characters or being one of these characters and fucking your partner.  Either way I love doing these kind of role plays on the phone and in real life.  Maybe you can join me to fulfill our nerd sex fantasies together. Check out our Hot Phone Sex Girls!