Neighbor Gapes Tiny Asshole: Stretching Me Until I Squirt

So lately I’ve been using and abusing my pussy with my new toys, from a vibrator all the way to a big giant suction cup cock. Well, I totally got a bright idea after we got off the phone yesterday. I decided to watch some porn, and I saw neighbor gapes tiny asshole. While I had my dildo balls deep inside me, I started to rub on my tight little asshole. Just like that, all I wanted was to stretch my asshole.

I mean really punish it, just like you brag about.

I was kinda nervous, but I took your advice and called the little blond neighbor over. My eyes needed to see those big tits plus she owed me one from fucking her stupid a few weeks back. Neighbor gapes tiny asshole, that’s a little odd for a Wednesday morning conversation. So I called her told her what my plan was and before I knew it she was standing at the front door. She’s new, single and lonely so she wasn’t busy at all. Plus I think she was craving it. I explained to her that I wanted her to stretch my asshole, I mean really punish it.

All she did was a laugh. I should have known I would never be the same.

We got a little tipsy, you’ve seen my asshole it’s so small and tight I knew it was going to hurt at first. I told her don’t stop until I’ve cum and my legs are shaking. We started off slow, using her fingers she slid them in and out of my ass, on then two then a third. I could feel my body getting looser, along with my ass, as she slid them further in, one knuckle then two. I began to shake, it felt so good.

Now it was time to move up to something bigger. This neighbor gapes tiny asshole.

We grabbed the huge pink vibrator I had, licking it and shoving it down each other’s throats to lube it up really good. Holding my ass spread apart she shoved it in, so fucking deep then she turned it on the highest vibrating setting. Holy shit let me tell you, that felt fucking amazing! My ass, tits, pussy, everything was vibrating, I could feel myself on the edge of orgasm.

The little neighbor girl started pounding my ass, pushing that dildo deeper and deeper inside my tight asshole. Jesus, it felt amazing. Neighbor gapes tiny asshole should be on her resume because she knew exactly what to do. Then without warning, she surprised me with the biggest dildo in my collection, a 15-inch giant dick. She pulled the vibrator out and shove that in my ass, the pain and the feeling of my asshole spreading and stretching felt so good. She pushed it all the way to the balls, I’d never had something so large in my ass, I didn’t want it to end.

I spread my hands out across the floor as she punished my ass.

I felt her stand over me her head looking at my ass. She began forcing this giant dick deeper and harder. It hurt so well, I thought I was being pretty quiet. But I wasn’t, I was moaning louder and louder. I asked her to go harder and deeper. She pulled it out to the tip and rammed it back into my ass. At that moment I came. I wish you could have seen how much cum there was squirting out of me.

The little neighbor girl pulled the giant dildo from my ass. Just for a moment, I could feel a breeze go deep inside me. If we were playing a game and the objective was neighbor gapes tiny asshole, she just won. My asshole was so stretched out she could fit her fist into my ass, and that’s exactly what she did. She put her entire fist into my ass, just pounding away, deeper and harder.

Just as she was about to pull her fist out, I squirted all over her again and fell to the floor.

This beautiful blonde girl removed her fist from my ass, and I could slowly feel my asshole shrink back to “normal” size. Although I knew after today and nights to come it would never be normal size again. “The next time it will get deeper,” she warned as she walked out my front door. I’ll make sure to invite you so you can watch the fun, hell maybe you can even join in. I know how big that massive black dildo of yours is and I know it would fit perfectly in my gaping asshole.

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