You love your naughty taboo Mistress!

And I love providing you with the erotically detailed roleplays you deserve. Being your naughty taboo Mistress brings me joy unlike anything else. When it comes to freaky fetish fun, depraved kinky fantasies, and dominating you in sick and tantalizing ways, I’m your Goddess. So, let’s talk.

What makes me so amazing though? I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating just what makes me the domineering bitch you’ve come to love, and I think I have some answers. But now that I know, you’re in big trouble.  This naughty taboo Mistress needs every second of her waking day filled with only the most extreme femdom, taboo, and fetish play from now on.

Getting Cocky

I was born to rule. Even as a child I dominated the males around me. Boys trembled in fear as I pressed my knee deeper into their groins. Grown men were putty in my hands. A little flirtatious wink here, a casual skirt flip there. Anything I wanted was mine. You made it too easy. But what those males didn’t understand was that I was studying them.

I didn’t know what I was studying exactly, but I knew it was important, so I studied everything. Your actions, your motives, your desires, and your fears, I mastered them all.  I got an errant thought: strap a mean to a table and electrocute his balls.

It consumed me for months.  I’d draw that man every day. Then I’d destroy it before anyone could see. Can you imagine how excited I was when I found CBT porn? The floodgates had opened. My pussy stayed wet for months as I explored what it meant to be attracted to your pain.
I wanted you to suffer, but I wanted it to serve a purpose. My purpose. I wanted you to beg me to hurt, humiliate, arouse, and use you…because you knew it would make me happy. But how does a young woman inspire such devotion?


One of the most insidious, yet magnanimous qualities I possess is my empathy. It’s a broken, fragile thing, but when the right boy crosses my path, my sensual side comes out to nurture and command him.  I sense your timid vulnerability like chum in the water and I use your insatiable desire for attention to snare you in my trap.

Once I have you, I slowly introduce you to the naughty taboo Mistress that lays just below my surface. Like a drowning man facing a tsunami, I overwhelm and consume you, driving you towards being Mine. “Extreme Femdom Punishment” is a good reminder that I’m genial, but you’ll only be disappointed if you expect me to be nice, let alone submissive.

No, I’m dominant through and through, and it makes me a superb phone sex operator. Even if our call has nothing to do with BDSM, you can trust me to take the reins and lead you to the perfect taboo or fetish fantasy. I’m the most intuitive plaything around, baby!


When it comes to the extreme, there are no limits to what we play with. No taboo subject is off-limits. I love being your perfect accomplice for your most sinful addictions, but if you’re looking for a victim, that’s not really in my wheelhouse.

Whether submission is willing or forced, it’s just not something a naughty taboo Mistress is suited for. Brittany is a great choice if that’s what you’re craving, though. She’s sweet and flexible, perfect for all types of kinky submission!

But if you’re ready for the most erotically charged Mistress around, give me a call. I have true sex stories that’ll make you ache with jealousy, fantasies darker than you could ever imagine, and desires that only you can satiate. No matter how evil society might label my obsession, I dive as deep into it as I possibly can, every single day.

I know it’s terrifying to bow down to a new Goddess, or even to revisit a past Goddess that you’ve disappointed, but if you can manage to fight your cowardice just a little, I’ll meet you the rest of the way. I’ll demand more than most, but in the end, we’ll both hang up more satisfied than words can describe.

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