All I wanted was to answer a modeling ad, a gig too big to pass up. They put it out as a horror photoshoot, “Naughty Succubus Seduction.” I couldn’t pass that opportunity up. Firstly, when I arrived, the place looked fancy. Gothic style architecture, but you could tell it was modern and up-to-date. It made me giddy to be accepted as a model, so I practically ran to the doors. When I opened them, I noticed the lobby was elegant, almost church-like. Almost everyone around me was men, albeit a few women here and there (clear servants).

Soon, a man in a tailored suit came up to me and bowed. He had on white gloves with a funny-looking symbol on them. I didn’t get much of a chance to make out more before I heard him introduce himself. “My name is Jonathan. Are you here for the photoshoot, Miss?” I curtsey in my tight little black dress. “Yes, I am, Sir. Could you tell me where it is?” He flashes me a warm smile and tells me to follow him.

How could I resist? This is the nicest modeling gig yet!

Eventually, we make it to a room with a symbol of an odd-looking sun on it. I’m told to enter, and some women would help me into my first outfit for the evening. I thank him and check it out. It’s like a Hollywood Star’s room in here. I’m excited about the “Naughty Succubus Seduction” photoshoot. The beautiful flowers are vibrant and smell so nice! The perfumes smell fantastic, and the makeup options are to die for. Soon, two women walk in carrying a white gown, some accessories, and others gizmos. They help me take my clothes off, getting me fully naked even out of my white lacey panties. The women slip the soft silk gown overhead, and it stops right below my ass cheeks and barely covers my tits.

Then, they zip open the bag they brought in and start pulling out accessories; rope, horns, blindfold, gag, and a plug with a demon tail. My eyes go wide, but it’s not the first time I’ve done a similar shoot, and I should’ve guessed it’d be like this. They start simple with makeup and hair, making me look like the queen of Hel, putting the final touches on with the horns. Soon, a blindfold is over my eyes, and all light is snuffed out. I feel rope quickly go around my wrist; you’d think they’d do this first; panic sets in, and I feel my heart race. I’m about to scream when the spider gag is put in my mouth, forcing it open wide.

How could I be so naive? Of course, this was too good to be true.

Before I can react, one of their hands is in my hair, dragging me to the couch. She bends me over the arm of it and lifts the skirt of my dress. The other woman grabs my cheeks, spreading them apart and opening me wide. Not soon after, I feel the cold metal against my ass and the pain of it pushing inside of me. Feeling like a humiliated anal slut, drool rolls down my lips from the gag, and I’m forced back onto my feet. My slutty demon tail following behind, ready for the naughty succubus seduction, as I’m led out of the door by my ropes.

I’m lead into a room where I can hear men… singing? No, not singing; they are chanting. It sounds deep, and the tones send shivers through my body that almost make me fall to my knees. I’m led to some kind of table, and I hear someone speak. It must be the leader, he says something in a different tongue, and my hands are released. In one last attempt, I punch one woman in her face and leg-sweep the other. I grab the blindfold off my face and see men dress in black robes and the same white gloves with symbols.

This is it; I’m fucked; there’s no way out!

Quickly, I’m grabbed by a couple of men and forced on the marble altar. My hands and legs are bound. I look up and see a stained glass window, the moon shining a deep red color. “Welcome to your Naughty Succubus Seduction,” Mia,” Jonathan laughs. Clearly, he was the leader of the cult all along. As he draws in blood, the men chant the symbol on their gloves on my body in various spots. I feel the rays of the moon hit me as they finish their incantation, and a primal desire overtakes my body. An insatiable thirst for sex comes over me; I beg and beg for release, to be fucked!

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Mia Kinky Crew