Naughty Spanking Games

Naughty Spanking Games – I love to play them. Tell me I am a bad girl and I need to be punished. Feeling your big strong hand slap me across my firm round ass cheek makes me so fucking wet!

Tell me I am your dirty little whore and How dare I speak to other guys. Tell me how jealous I made you when I was flirting with another guy at the bar, glancing over at you to make sure you saw me. I know it made you hard- seeing the lust in his eyes.

You love when I tease you because you know that you will get to take me home. “Daddy, was I a naughty girl?” I will ask you once we are behind closed doors.

“Yes, Sara. You know you were. Now bend over my lap.” You start pulling my skirt up, gazing at my small round firm ass. My panties are white lace. You first rub it over my panties. The silk feels good. My skin is soft. You pull my panties down.

I am nervous and excited. It is going to sting, no doubt. I feel your hard-on through your jeans. my nipples harden, my pussy is getting wet.

“I am sorry baby, I won’t do it again!” I plead. “Don’t call me that. Call me Sir.” You say.

Yes, Sir. You spank me hard. I feel the sting of your swipe. “Ouch!” I cry out.  You spank me again and again. Your cock hardens even more against my stomach. I push against it. Each spank stings my ass cheeks.

You stop. “Get on the bed. I want you on all fours with your head on the pillow.” You order me. I do as I say. You massage my sore ass cheeks as you slide your rock-hard cock into my pussy.

Man, I love our makeup sex!

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke