When I Was A Naughty School Girl

In school, I could have been a little bit of a teacher’s pet. I always had a smile for the class and an attitude to accomplish anything. Lucky for my teacher he’s easily provoked and has a few class chores for me. All the kind to consider me a little naughty school girl.

I can remember one of our more recent after-school play sessions. I kept purposefully dropping things just so I could bend down and pick them up. So I giggle and teased him when I knew everyone was gone. His pointer stick became a fun accessory for me. I ran it along my smooth skin and spread my legs open. It went all the way to my panties and I did what any naughty school girl would do. I pushed my panties to the side and fucked myself on my teacher’s desk.

He instantly whipped his cock out and began furiously masturbating. The sight of my bald tight little snatch being penetrated made his cock rock hard he had to stroke it for me. I pulled the pointer stick out and licked what was just inside me, smiling and looking at him with my legs still spread. He’d had enough of just watching, he pushed me on my back and pushed my legs over my head.

My pussy dripped as he perfectly spat on my clit, getting me slippery wet.

“My naughty school girl….naughty fucking school girl!!” He said as his fingers entered my mouth. I sucked like a good slut. His cock was pressed into my pussy, I wanted the tip inside me so bad! His hand clenched around my throat as he filled me. I clenched back with my pussy around his dick and the pointer stick made its return. He used it to penetrate my ass as he fucked me raw right where he grades my homework. My skirt was around my stomach pulled up, my school blouse ripped open, my socks still on, fuck yeah I looked like it, acted like it. I was the perfect naughty school girl.

And you’ll never guess what happened when he took me to his house.

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