There’s a Naughty Panty Thief on the Loose!

I can’t believe there’s someone looking through my panty drawer. I notice my panties all over the floor and some missing. This Naughty Panty Thief loves to take my lacey panties. Those particular ones were in the hamper to get washed. It sucks because, honestly, those happen to be a favorite of mine. Nonetheless, it’s now time to narrow it down, who is brave enough to steal my panties? Not only does it intrigue me, it turns me on as well.

It turns into a game of Guess Who?

I wonder who is making themselves welcome in my room to steal one of my cute panties. The naughty panty thief might be smart enough to wait until I’m gone and not in the house, but I do want to find out and hatch a plan. At first, I’m a bit upset, but then my mind wanders on who it could possibly be. Is it my roommate’s brother, or is it her boyfriend that stops by and tends to stare me down? After a couple of missing undergarments to many, I take matters seriously and leave a micro cam on one of my top shelves. It is discreet enough; no one will notice.

It’s time to find out.

It is the last straw for me. So far, I have lost several of them, and I want nothing more than to know who is perverted. I must find out who is having a blast at my expense. The mini cam will put the mystery of who the Naughty Panty Thief is once and for all. In my mind, I’m so annoyed. The answer to my question for the last several weeks is now clear. After a night out, I see it’s evident someone has made their way into my things once again. I’m ready to see once and for all who’s guilty. Still a bit drunk, but I have enough anger pumping through my veins that I instantly sober up and check the footage.

As I’m looking through the video, I see a familiar face.

It is my roommate! She’s been the naughty panty thief the entire time. With a combination of anger and alcohol in my system, I still find a way to confront her about her dirty deeds. I shout at her that she should stop being an immature brat. I for sure thought she was doing it on purpose. Instead, she lets me know how badly she’s been wanting to have a wild lesbian threesome with another girl and me but would settle for some fun one on one. I couldn’t believe she’s been the one the whole time.
My roommate begins to tell me how much her boyfriend loves when she masturbates with my panties. Not only that, but she also jerks him off with them, and they both make themselves at home in my room when I am gone. She tells me about how they fuck in my bed.

As the anger starts to taper down, I can see how fun the situation is, after all.

I would never have pictured a five-foot-four cute petite coed to be guilty as a Naughty Panty Thief. Instead of staying upset, I take up her offer and have some fun with her and tease her boyfriend. The next night we both have our fun right in front of him and sixty-nine and scissor. We both jerk him off after hours of denying him of climaxing. The collection of panties comes in handy. We start to jerk him off after teasing him. The silky panties and lacy ones are his favorite. We both make him live out all his perverse dreams as he licks and sniffs our asses. I’m not sure who of the two is enjoying it more. I would never have guessed this scenario. After our little blast, I let them know next time they could ask, and I would have gladly given them a pair.

My roommate lets me know it’s so much fun when they take it rather than ask. I can’t argue there. It’s a fun college memory I now have. Sometimes the wildest memories are unexpected.

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