Naughty Nurse

It is true I was kind of a naughty nurse. I had been volunteering at the tiny local hospital/nursing home for almost a year. Trying to be a good person and stay occupied. Well, also because I am a nympho and wanted to meet a lot of new people.

At first, I was only allowed to do things like deliveries, or straightening up and visiting the patient. In time I was trusted enough that the nurses would let me give bed baths.

One day a guy came in unconscious, he had been in an accident with a head injury. Though he looked like he was sleeping he was completely unresponsive.

While he remained in that condition after the first couple of days he was moved to a regular room. That was when I saw him the first time.

Laying there covered in a sheet and his gown, Dark hair with just a little graying at the temples. Bruising and swelling distorting his face enough that I could not really define his facial features.

The nurse asked me to give him a bath. I gathered my supplies quickly as the nurses finished settling everything and left the room.

I pulled back the covers and saw…

Though the bruises were fading all over his body.  His arms, legs, back, and ass were somewhat muscular. But his chest and belly were more like a “Dad’s Bod” than a 6pack.

Of course, I was very interested in seeing his cock and I was not disappointed.

Even in his resting state his cock aroused me. Trying not to be a naughty nurse I really did try to do the right thing. And I started his bed bath. But it had been a couple of

hours since my last orgasm

And the more I rubbed his body the more my swollen pussy leaked. With every move, I was more aroused. My swollen clit was trapped between my fat pussy lips. The thick pussy slime keeping me slick.

When it was time to do his front and hair I was at the edge of orgasm. I teased myself washing his hair, then down his chest and tummy to his hips.

Then I started at his feet and worked my way up… Once I had bathed every inch of him except his cock, balls, and ass crack, I pulled the sides of the bed up and propped up his knees. Putting a folded towel under him.

Spreading his knees so I had full access to his most sensitive areas. I took my time. Through my gloved hands, I started by using a warm soapy wash clothe on his penis.

Gripping the base of his cock in one hand. I pulled his skin back from the head of his dick. I let sudsy water trickle over his exposed head.

That is when I realized I could feel his cock getting hard. Lengthening even as his girth expanded.

Instantly I was pumping my hand up and down watching amazed as his nice flaccid cock became a steal rod of masculinity.

I looked to his face to see if he was conscious. I grinned because I knew I was going to be cumming on that cock.

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Naughty Nurse
Naughty Nurse

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