I woke up feeling extra naughty!


This naughty kitty wakes up and wants to lick her cream out of her favorite treat! Feel my soft, wet tongue teasing you awake.  Running up the side of your growing shaft and twirling around the tip. Just to lick my way back down to the base. Your breathy moans and the feel of my soft kitty tongue wake you. I purr as I wrap my mouth around the tip and start sucking you down to my throat.

Don’t you want to give your naughty kitty her morning cream? Your cock is throbbing against my soft tongue. You grip my hair in your fist and slowly fuck my mouth. My purrs vibrating your cock and balls. It makes you drip precum into my eager mouth. I want it all! My butt is wiggling in need and excitement at being your cock sucking slut.

Take your naughty kitty!

Your bad girl wants to have some cum slut breeding with you. When you order me to get on my hands and knees for you I eagerly get in position. My tight butt wiggles back and forth, teasing you. So you give it a nice hard SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Making my cheeks turn a bright red and marking me with your hand prints. Such a naughty kitty you are, you tell me.

You smooth your hand over my red ass cheeks and slide down to cup my wet pussy. Do you want me to breed you, naughty kitty? You tease my opening with the tip of your finger. It makes me moan and arch back for more. But you pull your finger away. Ah, ah! You beg me to fill that tight hole and fill you with my cream.

Oh, gods! I need your cream!

I beg for it like the naughty kitty I am. Please! Please, stuff me with your hard cock and fuck me like a whore! You give my ass another hard smack, making me cry out.  Running the tip of your cock over my wet lips as you continue to tease and make me whimper. Then I scream as you take your hard cock and slam into my tight wet kitty pussy. Gripping my hips in your hands, you start to pound into me. Fucking me hard and deep. No rush in the way you fuck my tight pussy. Just take your time in the way you wake up and fuck me.

Taking your cock out to where just the tip is inside me, then slamming every hard inch back inside my tight pussy. Over and over till it has us both panting in need. My pussy is convulsing around your hard cock. Please, fuck me faster! Your naughty kitty needs to milk the cream from your hard cock. You start fucking me faster and faster. Cock swelling up inside of me and ready to give me your hot cream. We cum together on a scream, my tight pussy milking you of your cream.



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