It is our special night with my grandparents. My cousins and I are ecstatic to have this time with them. Tonight we are getting all their attention. What grandkids doesn’t love to be the center of their grandparent’s attention? During tonight’s Naughty Incest Slumber Party, my cousins and I are having the most amazing sex with our grandparents.

Our time together is so awesome and I love learning new skills. The things I am learning help me to be very popular at school. Grandpa can do things with his cock that are so cool. He is always giving us climax after climax. Grandma is an expert at eating pussy and can make all of us squirt like a fire hydrant.

This is also when I learned Anal Rape is a family tradition.

That slumber was torturous but also still amazing. Now, I am all about the anal and love getting my ass fucking from Grandpa. Honestly, also loving it when Grandma puts on her favorite strapon and fucks my young tight ass. Our naughty incest slumber party has no boundaries and taboo is the theme. The things we are doing tonight outdo most seasoned hookers.

My cousins and I are always ready for more and more from our grandparents. My grandma was just telling me she picked up some new toys for tonight. The two-headed dildo is going to rock my cousin Elena and her sister, Tabitha’s world. They have a special bond, fucking each other as much as they can.

During our naughty incest slumber party, they tend to pair off.

Furthermore, watching them is one of my favorite things about our party. They are so into each other that the sex in insane between them. I haven’t seen squirting like that, ever. It is intriguing watching their coupling and spending time watching them. I find it interesting that I am not the only one. Grandma and Grandpa will stop our fun so we can all be spectators of Elena and Tabitha.

The girls are sliding that dildo into their pussies. As they are positioning to fuck each other, I see Grandpa stroking that big dick like a champ. Grandma, coming up behind me, slides her hands around to my pussy and starts rubbing my clit. Oh my gosh, that is amazing. Moaning out loud, I push against her fingers, forcing a couple of her fingers into my tight teen pussy.

This is one hell of a naughty incest slumber party!

As I am cumming on Grandma’s fingers, my cousins are mutually climaxing. At this point, pretty much all of us are cumming together. The climaxes are wild and we all lay there spent and exhausted. Grandma suggests some snacks, grabbing to help get them. Bringing in some yummy food and drinks, we all sit down to eat and quench our thirst.

Once we are feeling satiated, my cousins and I start playing naughtily with the food. Putting some strawberries in Grandma’s pussy we take turns eating them out of her. Then, Grandpa does the same with Jill. We hear her giggling as he is eating the fruit and her pussy. This is her first naughty incest slumber party as she is the youngest of us.

Grandpa is motioning for me to come over to them and I do as told.

He is telling me to eat her pussy and to bend over with my tiny teen ass up in the air. As I start eating her incredibly young tasty pussy, I feel him licking my butthole. It feels incredible as he is pushing his tongue deep into me. Jill is having her first orgasm all over my face and I continue to eat and please her. Soon Grandpa’s dick is sliding into my tight ass and I am moaning into Jill’s pussy.

That feels so good as he is slowly entering me. Relaxing and opening up for him allows him to go in smoothly. He has taught me well and is always telling me I am his favorite granddaughter to fuck in the ass. Making me so proud that I am learning and becoming skilled at anal. I feel him clenching and know his close to cumming inside me. He grabs my hips and is pushing deep inside as he releases his load into my ass.

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