Coach was not ready for his naughty gymnast.

A naughty gymnast was the last thing my coach expected. He was surrounded by beautiful, fit women every day of his life. Every work day, from dust to dawn. He saw girls and guys pile into his gym and stretch, flip, and float around the room, listening and hanging on his every word. He was used to the control, and I caught him blindsided when I started using his own stretches against him. It was just me, his naughty young teen that he couldn’t really resist, to top it all off. I’d been his student for years since I used his classes to keep fit for cheerleading in high school, so he was used to seeing me around. However, when I caught an interest in flirting with him, nothing could prepare him.

The little outfits I wore got even shorter.

Short shorts and crop tops, skin-tight leotards, I knew I was tempting him with every curve of my body when he was helping me stretch. He had this specific move where I would lay down and he would help me stretch my legs. He would innocently spread and holding them down. He’d done it a million times, but this time it was different. I gave him that luscious lip bite, a flash of cleavage, and a soft moan that all came together. I shook up his routine. Then, I made sure to bend over and show off my ass a little as I was standing right by him, sweeping off an ‘invisible’ spec of dirt off my legs, and using it as an excuse to arch my back for him. It quickly spiraled out of control, with me meeting him just before he was closing the place up.

All the other girls had left, and it was just he and his naughty gymnast, leaning up against the wall and tempting him to cave in.

I’d let my hair down from its  bun, making the thick, wavy black hair fall on my shoulders. I emphasized the bedroom eyes I’d been hinting at him all day. He approached carefully and slowly, then crumbled as he fell within reach, grasping at the small of my back and pulling me in. He didn’t need to say a word, he risked it all and I rewarded him. I kissed him back and letting his hands explore my tight body. My coach slipped it under my short shorts and found the sweet spot, getting his fingers coated in a little juicy sweetness that he couldn’t resist. He brought it up to his lips and sucking it off. His eyes closing deliriously as I let my hand slide down towards his shorts. My hands stroked the bulge that was threatening to peek through for me.. And the rest was history.

You can be surrounded by beautiful women every day of your life..but who can resist a dirty-minded teen who knows where to ouch?

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali

Fantasy phone sex is my specialty, baby. Come play with a little seductress that knows how to tease..