So many of my wonderful readers know that I am a family-play lover. I grew up in a family with this tradition and keep it going down the generations. There is something so amazing in sharing Naughty Granny Incest with my family too. Whether I am with my grown children and their spouses or the grandkids, it is fun for all of us. Never a boring moment in our lives.

When my son was younger, he was obsessed with showering with me. Of course, it is a great way to show them a woman’s body. Using that time to teach and share what makes us tick is the best option for a nice slow introduction to sexual fun. Soapy suds, sliding hands, and amazing body parts, appendages, what enjoyable shower sessions we have. Even with my grown kids, we still take our shower time to a naughty level.

Naughty Granny Incest is for all the family. Any family member can play!

Even my father and I still have fun when he comes to visit. He is a nasty old man and we have a blast together. His cock is a perfect fit in my pretty pussy to this day! We love to bring in his girlfriend for an amazing mature threesome. I tell you this truth, naughty granny incest does not discriminate. It is making me giggle and my pussy tingle, just talking about the fun I have with everyone.

When my son or daughter comes to visit, we do some interesting things. They love having their school friends and their families over that like to play as we do. Having a giant naughty granny incest orgy is fucking awesome. The non-family people bring some new and interesting twists to our fun. Different ages and styles of people bringing even this mature phone sex operator lessons in sex!

You heard that right, me learning new things in the old sex game.

For instance, Jill’s friend brings the most interesting toys to our playtime. Oh my gosh, they do the greatest stuff to my vagina! I climax so hard, I squirt all over everyone. It is absolutely amazing! I really thought I was the kinkiest of all mine and their friends. Turns out that her friend, Lilly can almost out do me. When we all play and she is there, every woman gets to squirt.

Know that the grandkids and guest younger ones are there during all the fun. I believe I have mentioned how fast mine are growing up. They love to be in the center of the fun. Both of the boys love sharing those fine cocks God gave them. Pleasing the young and old alike. What fun we are having enjoying one another in every sexual manner possible. My mouth, pussy, and ass get the most amazing workouts during our naughty granny incest fun.

Have I mentioned how much I love sex?!

These sessions bring me some of the greatest sex I have ever. Whether it is a man, woman or younger person, I can have fun with them. My “no limits” thining make anything possible and amazing. For instance, my phone sex is “no limits.” I enjoy being a Family Play Accomplice and helping those with similar desires find someone to share with. Together we get to have fun like no other!

My family is here this week and next. That means so much fun with naughty granny incest sessions all the time. It is non-stop sex-fest with everyone. When it is like this, I don’t even need the gym every day. My workouts are coming from all that crazy, nasty sex we are having. It is fucking insane, literally.

Tell me your dick is getting hard right now knowing that!

I am staying so wet day in and day out baby. I tell you, the things going on here right now might even curl your toes. Last night it was me with the younger ones while the adults had a date night out. Good grief, it was fun! Those boys rock granny’s world with those perfect size and shaped cocks. The things they have learned from all our sessions makes them incredible lovers.

The cool part is they love to play with each other and Jill’s daughters too. If your curiosity is peaked right now, I totally get it. Want to hear more details, you know I love the details. All you have to do is call me and I will spill the beans.

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