Candles are the perfect accompaniment for a dinner date at someone’s home. They set a romantic mood while you eat and afterward you can use them during foreplay. Fire can add a little spice to foreplay. Brian made me a home-cooked meal and all throughout dinner I kept looking at the candles, toying with the idea of using them on him. I’d gone out with Brian before but it was always vanilla with a hint of kink and I wasn’t sure how far he was willing to go. After we ate he started to clear the dishes but I stopped him. I flicked my fingers over the candle flames and asked him if he was feeling adventurous.


He asked what I had in mind and I picked up a candle. I held it close to him and said it would be a shame to waste so much candle wax, maybe we could put it to use. He looked unsure so I teased him and said that if he wasn’t man enough to deal with the pain then that was fine, we could always do something boring like missionary. That wounded his pride and he said he could take whatever I dished out. That’s just what I wanted to hear and we went to the bedroom before he could change his mind.

     I put the candle on the bedside table and we got undressed. He laid down on the bed and I told him to get ready. I gave him a few seconds to steel himself then picked up the candle. I held it over his chest and tipped it, spilling the hot wax between his nipples. He cried out in pain as it hit him and tried to get up. I pushed him back down and reminded him that he said he could take it. His eyes started to water and he made little whimpering noises as his words bit him in the ass. He chewed his lip then put his hand over mine. He pushed my hand down, making the wax fall onto his stomach. He hissed at first but then cried out as it burned into his skin. I figured he wasn’t going to keep quiet and a man can only cry out so much before the neighbors start to complain so I had to shut him up.
I got onto the bed and straddled his face. I went down so my pussy covered his mouth, muffling him. I could feel his breath on my skin as I leaned forward and tilted the candle once more. The wax dripped down, spilling over his chest. His cries vibrated against my pussy and I got wet at the feeling. I ground my pussy against his face and he pushed his tongue between my lips. He ran it along my walls and I felt my pussy gush. I lost interest in the candle and leaned over, putting it on the bedside table. I then sat up straight and began to ride his face as his tongue moved inside me. He rubbed against my clit and I gasped. He must have heard me because he started focusing on that area, pushing his tongue over it again and again. I felt an orgasm coming and moved harder against him. I couldn’t stop myself from crying out as I came and I stayed still until I started to come down.
I climbed off Brian, grabbed the sheet and wiped my juices off his face. I think he’ll be inviting me for dinner more often now that he knows what dessert is like.
Wanna play with my fire?

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