As a switch, I am into tons of kinky things. However, Jacob brings out the submissive in me like no one else. He has an amazing dick and he loves using naughty feminine edging on me for hours.

Not only does he tease and deny me with that fine cock, but he also uses toys as well. Of course, as his submissive, I am doing my best not to complain but I want to explode with a climax.

In fact, he knows that and continues to push me further and further. His rod is leaking precum as he is teasing me. Although, he keeps me from cumming for hours and he will cum on my big titties during the denial.

Oh, yes, our naughty feminine edging goes for hours and hours.

In that time, Jacob will cum multiple times. Leaving me begging for release. Of course, he never caves or gives in to me. He is so sexy as he leers over me stroking his hard cock.

We play at his house and he has a special room for our fun. In that room is an entire wall of toys. He doesn’t use them all in one of our sessions but he does use a bunch of them.

Of course, some of the toys he uses during our naughty feminine edging feel so good on my tight young pussy. Mmmm…I love the sound they make and the vibrations they send through my lower body.

And, he is a master with timing during our naughty feminine edging.

Reading my body language and sounds taking me right to the moment of a climax and stop. His skills are like no other I have seen before and he knows how good he is too.

As a submissive cum slut, I am used to guys using me but I get to cum. But not with Jacob. He is getting off on delaying my pleasure. In fact, that is why he cums so much while denying me.

And, he doesn’t just shoot a few squirts during our naughty feminine edging, he covers my body with his loads of cum. It is like he is rubbing in my face that he gets a release and I don’t get mine.

His loads taste so good too! Yummy!

I love how sexy he is as he is controlling and dominating me. The fact that he can put a toy inside me and on my clit and stop me from cumming in an instant is amazing.

It is also irritating and fun. I can’t even explain why I fucking love it so much, but I do! I literally crave Jacob when we are apart. My pussy will get wet as I lay in bed and think of our last naughty feminine edging session.

Him teasing me with the toys first and his dick last. You see, as he is getting closer to letting me cum, he starts using his big, beautiful cock to tease me. God, I love that dick!

Finally, he will bend me over, shove inside me and let me cum all over as he pounds me and cums deep inside me! Have you ever used denial on a woman? Curious about it?

Call me now to play and we will have so much hot phone sex fun!