Daddy and daughter = one hot little secret.

I was so young but I can always remember how much fun daddy and daughter time would be. He was so strong and loved to be rough with me.  And honestly, I loved his touch.  His strong hands rubbing up and down my body. I felt like a grown up. he would tell me I was so pretty just like mom. We would wait until mom left to go to work or run a couple of errands. always waiting for him to come into my room. Getting naked because he loved me being ready. My pussy would be so wet just thinking about the fun. Somehow I think I knew it was wrong. But I just love pleasing daddy so much. Nothing I loved more than being daddy’s special girl.

Showing him how much I appreciated him. Proving to him by using my mouth. Sucking on his cock making him nice and hard. up and down he loved it sloppy. Spitting as I did the double hand twist combo. looking up at it as I did it. Smiling at him with a spit covered face. Making sure his dick is dripping wet. It feels so much better in my pussy if it is really wet. Daddy loves to fuck my pussy.

He told me that I feel way better than mom.

He loves how tight it is. And even how I jump every time he goes to stick it in. the head is so large and sometimes I don’t think I can take it. but I have too. Daddy likes for me to be obedient and do whatever he says. I don’t like to make him mad. Because that means he won’t give me any cock. And if I am really bad he won’t cum inside of me. His cum feels amazing inside of me. When he does it I feel like he really loves me. Daddy and Daughter time is always so much fun.

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