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The idea of me a married woman being fucked by a big cock .. mmm. I love guys who are into cuckold sex. when I was dumb and younger I ended up getting married. still being a major slut inside and I was so happy my husband understood that. he had a big secret too. he loved watching me take a big fat cock in front of him. I fuck a lot of men in front of him. my most memorable one was the first BBC I took with my husband watching. it was so fucking huge. at least 11 inches.

making my pussy wet just looking at it. like a kid in a candy store, I needed it so bad. finally dropping his pants. kneeling in front of the huge cock I didn’t really know what to do with myself. opening my mouth I just began sucking like there was no tomorrow. looking at my husband every so often seeing his stroking his cock. my pussy was soaking. deep throating it as much as I could. tears were running down my face. I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care.

playing with his massive balls omg I was in love.

so ready for him to bend me over. laying down on the bed and spread my cheeks wide apart. I knew it was going to hurt. But I didn’t really care. Omg, it was so fucking big. screaming so loud my pussy was being stretched open. Oh, fuck I almost started cumming instantly. it felt so amazing I really couldn’t believe it. Yelling for him to fuck me harder. Wanting to be stretched open and ripped. loving the pain I begin fucking him back. which drove him wild. his moaning getting louder and his pumps getting harder.

I knew he was about to cum. Telling him to take it out I got on my knees. Just in time too he busted a huge fucking load. All over my lips, chin, eyelids, even some dripped on my boobs. making my husband cum as he watched me lick myself clean. Cuckold sex is the best kind of sex.

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