A Naughty Brother Fucker learns how to please her big brother.

Never did I think I’d become a Naughty Brother Fucker. Well, here I am, and I own it fully. I always feel some jealousy arises when it comes to my older brother. The girls he brings around when he visits put me in a very envious mood. Then, I remember I give him so much more pleasure than any of them can, and it begins not to annoy me as much. My body pleases him to where he loses all his self-control. Actually, my Daddy is the same way, as well as my Uncles and cousins.

So, I have perfected that sensation among all the boys in my family and the ones outside of my family too.

You can pretty much sum up that I am an Incest Princess, and that’s something I’m quite proud of because its fun to seduce and manipulate.

Summer Isolation Brought Out Incest Fun!

So where did it all begin? A few summers back when my older brother was home from school. Our parents were away, and it was only the both of us home alone. The weather had been gloomy and rainy and not summer-like at all. Instead of prancing around in bikini’s, I opted to keep my silky tiny PJ shorts on and my spaghetti strap top. It’s the first time my brother sees me show off my sexy body. Previous to this, my brother never caught a glimpse of my slutty style. Now I am a little older, and things are developing.

My tits and hips are beginning to find all sorts of attention and if I am being honest, I love it all. There’s something about it that makes me want to be a temptress.

It’s Crystal Clear I’m A Total Tease.

I have blossomed into the Hottest Latina Tease ever. Not only did the boys in my family take notice, so did all my friend’s Dads and Brothers. You can spot me seducing anyone I want a mile away. My brother got a taste of it for the first time that summer. So many hours alone and I start to tease him with my barely-there outfits. I begin to make naughty jokes about how much of a Naughty Brother Fucker I think a girl in the movie we had been watching is and how hot it would be to have that experience. I see his surprised facial expression but keep poking at the theme. Then I reference his girlfriend at the time and I tell him how much better of a cocksucker I am and how I could make him blow so hard he would forget her name.

The funny thing is at the time he had to chose between a hot BJ from his little sister or a facetime call they had planned together.

I Work My Magic And Have My Brother In A Trance.

My hands find his cock and I stroke him so well. I could feel him panting and trying to catch his breath. My teasing ways have him impatient. I can tell he’s on edge and has held himself quite a bit. After all, who can say no to a Naughty Brother Fucker? I knew he couldn’t say no, especially since I look so sinfully sexy. At this point, his girlfriend is old news. My mouth finds his cock and deep inside he goes. I show him my perfect cocksucking ways till his eyes roll back. I taste his precum and feel him explode seconds after. My big brother hasn’t finished yet.

This pussy aches for him, and that’s what I beg for next. He then pops me on his cock and begins to instruct me to ride him. I don’t need any pointers; I know how to make his cock cream.

He’s Hooked On Me Now!

Now that he has experienced a taste of nirvana with his little sister, he can’t get enough. My whole point is to make him climax and get him to need me. Besides, our little fun doesn’t end after that an entire summer exploring incest fun. He’s beyond hooked on his little sister. There’s no bond higher than siblings, especially the ones that play together. I love that I’m a Naughty Brother Fucker. I can keep secrets and have a naughty wild time. It’s never a dull time when you can keep yourself busy creating naughty fun.

Incest is so hot to me, and if it is for you too, then enjoy incest phone sex with someone who will rock your world.