Naughty Babysitter Sex Stories, Like You, Wouldn’t Expect

Naughty babysitter sex stories, like you, wouldn’t expect. You see normally kinky teen girls like me are the dirty little culprits. We like to take the virginity of those whom we babysit, but not this time. Oh no, this is the story of how my babysitter took my virginity and I loved every single solitary minute of it. From the moment Johnny from across the street started touching me, until that moment he penetrated me with that hard throbbing cock, I couldn’t get enough.

From that moment on, he was babysitting me every chance he got. Normally girls babysit, but Johnny was had been a trusted neighbor of our for years. Even though he wasn’t much older than me, my parents still trusted him a whole hell of a lot more than me. I can’t blame them and his alter boy persona was a perfect cover, for his deviant ways.

Babysitter Sex Stories!

So he had been babysitting me for the whole summer that year and nothing had ever happened, until one day he walked in on me masturbating. I was stunned and frankly, I didn’t know what to do. So I did the only thing I could think of. I kept going and finished right there in front of him. You see, I thought he was outside swimming and laying out. I didn’t think he’d come in looking for me. He actually only came in to show me cool dragonfly he had found and wanted me to hurry up and go see it.

Well, he rushed into my room and didn’t even knock. He never did before, so he didn’t think anything of it. There I was, my legs spread far apart and my fingers were inside of me going like a million miles per minute. I couldn’t fuck myself hard or fast enough. When he burst in the door, we made eye contact and froze for a moment. However, being the abrasion fucker I was, despite being VERY embarrassed and nervous, I decided to just fuck it and keep going.

Babysitter Sex Stories!

I looked at him in his eyes, as I bought myself to climax. There I was, panting heavily and exhausted. Johnny was there and he absolutely could not contain his raging hard-on. The MOMENT I began to take my sticky fingers out of my sopping wet, tight pussy, Johnny immediately ran up to me and stuck my fingers in his mouth. I swear he blew his wad right there and then because he moaned so fucking loud. He told me that I tasted so fucking good and that he needed a better taste.

Of course, I was curious, so I agreed. Without skipping a beat, Johnny placed himself between my wide open legs and buried his face right in my pussy. It was like he was taking EVERY single bit of me in his mouth. He brought me to my second orgasm and before I could catch my breath, he plowed his cock deep inside of me.

Babysitter Sex Stories!

Holy fucking shit, I gasped so hard and buried my face in his neck. I had never felt anything so good in my life. Finally, I was going to get fucked as hard and as fast as I needed. Of course, he didn’t disappoint. As it turned out, sweet innocent, responsible Johnny wasn’t so sweet and innocent. He was a sexual fucking beast and let’s just say he taught me everything he knew. Do you like teen sex? Would you like to hear about all the naughty things Johnny did to me that day and every other day thereafter? Can you imagine yourself fucking a tight teen like I was?

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