Dear Diary: The Age Of Sexual Awakening, My Sexual Awakening

It has been close to a year now, since I have started my path here on PSK to help satisfy my inner sexual cravings. Over the past year, I have had my senses and imagination opened to a full range of sexual perversions, many I never had any idea existed. As mentioned, my husband is a preacher with a conservative A type personality and very closed-minded and missionary when it comes to fun in the bedroom.

Personally, I was raised in a small southern Baptist town. It was a small town where everyone knew everybody else. While growing up, I was like any other young woman once they hit puberty and start to get that tingle down below. From the age of 12 to 14 my breasts filled out, and by my 10th grade year in high school many of the local high school boys started to notice me. While I enjoyed the attention, and felt my hormones running wild, I knew, I had to maintain a good girl reputation in the community, because everyone knew my family especially my father.

My first sexual encounter happened at a county fall festival my 10th grade year, or around the age of fifteen. Being a small rural area, farming was the economic base of our community, and the fall festival was full of southern country fun. There was a fair grounds, with a barn area where they held livestock auctions, and later in the evening, they would turn out most of the lights, so it was semi dark with just enough light to see. Behind the barn was bleachers with an outdoor rodeo arena.

On this particular evening, I ran into one of the guys in my history class, and we started walking around the festival. We went to a concession stand, and he bought each of us a coke. We each had to go to the restroom so we stood in the port a can lines for our turn to relieve ourselves. Then we walked around behind the port a can area towards the outdoor arena bleachers. Mike, the guy I was with pulled a small bottle of rum out his back pocket, and poured some in his drink cup. He asked, if I wanted a little in my drink? Now up to this point besides stealing a sip of beer here and there, I had never really drank alcohol before. I wanted to be cool I guess, like any teenager would, so I said yes.

Finally, we got to the bleacher area, and it was just starting to get dark, with a couple of outdoor lights providing just enough light to see. We sipped our drinks, and talked about school as well as other things teenagers generally talk about. As we talked, I started to feel a little buzz from the alcohol. Mike got up and said lets take a walk, and we walked over behind the indoor arena where it was a little darker, and as we talked, all of a sudden Mike kissed me. At first, it was such a surprise, I did not know what to think.

He then said he has been wanting to get with me for a while, but has been to shy to approach me. I enjoyed the kiss and was feeling very relaxed from the drink. Then as we kissed, he began caressing my breasts through my blouse. He was massaging my nipples, while kissing my neck, which really began to turn me on. Then he took one of his hands, and went under my blouse fully cupping my left tit in his hand while giving me a deep french kiss…….
To Be Continued!