It’s easier to be naughty than it is to be nice. So it should come to no surprise, that the naughty Grinch and I are BFF. Best “FUCK” Friends to say the least. That’s right, that grumpy green guy and I are thick as thieves, but truly he doesn’t have anything on me. This year my PIC – Partner in crime – the Grinch was feeling down in the dumps. His little “Cindy Lou Who” was all grown up and he wanted a new little slut to break-in this Holiday season. Even though I’m a heartless bitch (actually 3 sizes to small) I decided I would be in the “giving” spirit this year. I would accompany my partner in crime and steal Christmas.

We invaded a sorority and it would be an easy score. The house I picked was filled with bimbos and whores. We waited until they were tucked in their beds nice and tight. We couldn’t resist the temptation, as we slipped inside an unlocked window. We could hear the sounds of giggling girls. Quietly, we creeped up the flight of stairs and down the hall to a door slightly ajar. The whisper and giggles turned into startled screams, as we bursted into a room bubble headed bitches. “Get up you bitches and get downstairs!” I commanded them. This was going to be the best Christmas ever for Grinch and I. “Take off all your nighties.” I ordered. One by one they stood their naked and waited for our commands.

We were on a mission to find “the one.” The one that would replace the Grinch’s infamous Cindy Lou Who. Ready for some sizzling age play phone sex fantasy? We planned a sick and twisted adventure to find the innocent one of the bunch. We could see the fear in their eyes. My pussy was drenched from all the excitement. The anticipation was killing Mr Grinch. We couldn’t wait to find out who was naughty and who was nice. He couldn’t hold back, as he order the girls to bend over the couch and expose their creamy white bottoms. First things first – we needed to check which ass would welt up the best. Each girl would get a spanking they would never forget. Their pain would be our pleasure. “Pick your weapon of choice Grinch.” I said, as I let out a little laugh. “I’m going to use my hand.” he replied ” I want to enjoy the burning feeling, as my hand meets each of their bare bottoms.” Grabbing the first girl, I leaned in close and whispered. “I want to hear you say – Thank you Master!” with each slap to your ass. The screams were priceless and music to my ears.

Only 2 little bitches made it to the next naughty twist. I put on a huge 9 inch strap and dangled it in their face. I couldn’t resist slapping my strap on across the bitchy brunette’s face. One by one I forced them lick and suck my huge strap on. “Suck it like you mean it” I commanded, as I forced the one slut to take. “Deep throat it you little cunt. Take it all the way down your throat. I wanted to make them gag on it over and over, as I rammed my toy down each of their throats. The brunette almost gagged and passed out. “Worthless.” But the little blue-eyed blonde was perfect! She took the whole 9 inches deep into the back of her throat without gagging once. She was the perfect one.

She would be the perfect gift for Grinch. She looked so innocent with her perfect little frame, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was hesitant and resisted at first. She didn’t want to participate in our nasty fuck-fest. Grinch grabbed her up and wrapped her tight with a string of Christmas lights. She was tiny and tasty making his cock rock hard. She fought him ever step of the way, as he forced her onto her stomach. Tasting her tears, as he leaned in and licked her face. Slowly making a trail down her body with his long tongue. He linger on her perky young nipples. Biting on them ever so gently. She kept resisting – arching her body and saying no. Her sweet dripping wet pussy relayed a whole different message. Grinch lapped up her sweet young juices before her marked his territory. His grin grew from ear to ear, as he pulled back shoving his cock right into her tight young snatch. He grabbed her hips and he fucked her hard till he came. He filled her with his monster load and left her there laying his load of cum. Mission accomplished. My partner in crime left into the night – leaving a white Christmas for all to enjoy. The Grinch’s heart and cock even grew a size! <wicked lil laugh>

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