So I’ve been dreading this Valentine’s.

Valentine’s is horrible when you’re alone. My new and lovely humongous boyfriend is seven thousand miles away and I miss his huge dick. So, I did what I knew would get me off, make me wet and cum like I needed to fill the hole in my heart (and cunt)! PHONESEX!

I was super miserable and lonely, but oh my, how a day can turn around! My first caller gave me a rape fantasy where he made me tie a belt around my throat and choke myself until I nearly passed out, when the call was finished I had extremely bloodshot eyes and I still had a very wet pussy.

I didn’t even get a chance to recover before my next call in. This time it was a role-play where I was a teacher, dominating one of my pupils. I love being a domme, but it was so weird how quickly I could switch from one form to another but love both equally.

I literally went from being a total submissive to a total dominatrix, evil cunt, within a breath.

But it felt sooo good, and I had to take a break afterward to compose myself, catch my breath and prepare myself for my next call. It took a minute, but holy fuck! I was so turned on by the mix of the switch I couldn’t help myself but be turned on like crazy and desperate for more. Would you consider yourself a switch? Do you find it easy to get turned on by role reversal?

I love it, especially in my personal life. Being turned down and pounded the fuck out of with a huge man’s foot on the back of your neck. Standing with a riding crop and strap on, making you weep and beg for me to stop. What do you prefer? Are you a bottom or top? Or like me, a freaky switch who enjoys it all?

Our Phone Sex Girls are up for ANYTHING you are in the mood for!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke