I think I could get use to this swingers party.

It was my first swingers party, I was a little curious a little anxious and even a little excited. I always wanted to know what sex with strangers would be like. So I went into this chat site looking for couples wanting to have sex with other couples. My boyfriend and I found the perfect couple, we exchanged pictures, set up a date and got the ball rolling. The night came we went to this hotel like planned, got our room, one bed not two. They showed up with drinks, alcohol is the best way to loosen everyone up. His beautiful wife sitting next to me, slides her hands up my thigh, her fingers lightly moving up my inner thigh, she gets so close to pussy but then stops and grabs me and kisses me.

Her lips touching mine had me tingling had me wanting her more. I laid back on the bed her lips never leaving mine. Her mouth moves down my neck while she raises my shirt over my head and slides it off me. I’ll never forget the tickling sensation of her tongue running over my nipples. My pants start to unbutton and I look down and notice it’s the guys that are undressing me. I felt my panties slide down and the cool air surrounding my bare pussy. One mouth sliding up one of my legs and another mouth sliding up the other while she kept me completely distracted by touching me all over it felt as if my body was being completely worshiped and pleasured all at once. I had no idea group sex would be so satisfying.

Her tongue slides into my pussy, I’m instantly wet. She leans up grabs her husbands cock and shoves him inside e. She watches a moment before telling him to make me cum all over him, she then grabs my boyfriend pushes him down on the bed, then shoves his cock inside her. I never knew there were so many positions, and that my body could cum so hard by married mans cock. I watched as my boyfriend unloaded his throbbing cock inside her, then she got up off his cock and sat right on my face Forcing all of his cum into my mouth. Her husband  was ready to cum, I opened my mouth he filled completely up his wife opened hers and lets just say I love cum sharing. Want to have a Swingers party?

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