I offered to house sit for my best friend while she went away with her boyfriend for the weekend. I didn’t mind cause her house is amazing I guess that happens when you have rich parents and the hot tub is soooo relaxing. It was quiet all weekend not a single visitor and didn’t expect my friend back for another day and I was completely naked relaxing in the hot tub when I opened my eyes and saw her brother standing inches from the hot tub with a big bulge in the front of his pants.

He had to of let himself in with the key his sister gave him cause he wanted to surprise me but I guess he didn’t expect to find me with me bare tits bobbing in the water. He brought me a present from his trip to Europe to thank me for helping out his sister. The only problem was I wasn’t sure if he would tell his sister what I was doing in her hot tub plus that poor bulge of his rock hard cock was straining against the front of his pants ready to jump out any second.

I looked around for a towel but he had tossed it in the house when I was not looking and started  getting naked; his body soooo toned with a sexy six-pack and a 8 1/2 inch throbbing cock that made my mouth water, climbing in the hot tub he sat next to me. His hands cupped my c-cup tits squeezing them in his large fist, sliding his hands down my body and sliding between my thighs to rub my tingling pussy lips.

Arching my back putting my tits in his face the pleasure of those strong hands rubbing and finger fucking my swollen little clit and teen pussy whole.  Lifting me out of the water and settling me on his long, fat cock.  I could feel his cock slide inside slowly spreading my pussy open. My best friends brother’s cock was inside me, it felt soooo fucking good I couldn’t believe it!  He was fucking me harder and harder with every thrust giving me orgasm after orgasm; there was no FUCKING way I was going to stop him. It was the best way to end the weekend, BUT I’m definitely going to have to house sit for my best friend more often.  I can’t to fuck my best friends BIG brother again.