Mutual jerking off to orgasm sounds and feels so sexy

Mutual jerking off is one of my favorite things. It’s no wonder that I love phone sex so much. It affords me many opportunities to masturbate and orgasm with someone else. I love the sound of sexual excitement in both men and women.

I was watching a t.v. show last night. A couple, guy, and girl, wanted to have sex, but they didn’t have a condom. So they decided to not do anything. Why I thought. There are so many other sexual things you can do without a condom. Why waste a great sexual opportunity. I know I wouldn’t. In my mind, if I was the writer of that t.v. show, I would have had a scene with mutual jerking off.

I would have them lie side by side in a bed or facing each other on the couch. They would be totally naked. They would hear each other’s breath get heavier. Could hear the sound of wet pussy fingering and hard cock jerking. The moaning would be so sexy and arousing. They would talk to each other about how good it feels and how good it’s going to feel when they both orgasm.

Another one of my favorite fantasies is to mutual masturbate with a woman. She would be sexy and naked. We sit in chairs with our legs draped over the sides. Our legs are spread open and our asses up. We can see each other’s pussies so clearly. Both of us take our toys and mutual masturbate. We moan and breathe hard. Our pussies get tight and wet. Our nipples are hard and erect. We each suck our own nipples. We watch each other gradually get more and more turned on. Our pussies are dripping with silky wetness. Our assholes open and contract as our pussies start to quiver. We get closer and closer to orgasm. We watch each other explode in simultaneous pussy contracting orgasm.

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