Mother Son Sex Fantasy call – MILF hot for her son!

Mother Son Sex Fantasy – how hot do you want it?

I love how creative my callers are.Here is a script a guy sent me. I got to play his ex (names are changed to protect everyone) Nick tells me I am Beth, His Ex. He is still obsessed with her and talks to her often.

I call Beth. You’re definitely getting yourself off but try to pretend like you’re not. I ask if you’re okay because you sound different.
You just mutter a “Yes.” and keep going.
I’ll listen to you, knowing full well that you’re playing with yourself.
I’ll say “Is it okay if I join you?” Mumble out, “I don’t care. Yes. Go ahead.”
As you keep going, let Brian’s name slip out.
I’ll be shocked!

You say, “Nick…. You wouldn’t understand. Brian broke his wrists this summer on his motorbike. His Doctor told me I had to help him shower. She said to be prepared that a boy his age would get aroused being soaped by a pretty woman like me, even if I am his Mother. She told me that I may have to…. “Take care of that” for him or he would get pent up…
Me: And?
You: (hesitantly) So I did.
Me: Really??
You: yes. A few times.
Me: Holy shit, Beth!
You: it was mostly just jerking him off
Me: Mostly??

You: (again hesitantly) I sucked him off the last couple times.
Me: oh my god!
You: (now furiously fingering yourself) Nick… I … I…
Me: do you want more?
You: Yes!
Me: do you want to let Brian fuck you?

You: (Cumming!) YES!

Me: Say it. Tell me Beth.
You: I want my son to fuck me. I want Brian’s cock inside me.


Do you have a fantasy you want to play out with me?

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