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I am not really old enough to have a teenage son yet but sometimes I like to play that I have one. Here is one of my favorites: Timmy is my boy and he is in 7th grade. I am still a young horny MILF. He got on the swim team so I offer to take him to go buy some swim gear. We go to the department store and head to the athletic department. Timmy needs some Speedos. I find some tight tiny speedos for him to try on. He goes into the dressing room,  at that age where he is shy and tells me to stay out so he can have privacy.


I peak my head in as he is changing. “Don’t you want me to make sure they fit correctly?” Timmy shyly says ok, Mom. I notice how tight the swim trunks are on him. My boy has gotten bigger! I take my hand and I feel the Speedos- I feel near his balls and cock. :Are these too tight?” I ask him.

” MOM!” he says, “Stop!”

His cock is getting hard as I move my hand over the shaft. I am getting wet. My boy is becoming a man. I take his hand and slide it inside my panties. “Timmy, feel your Mommy’s wet pussy. Your hard cock is making me wet!” His cock is stiff now. “Mommy, let me fuck you!”

I pull down my panties and lean over the bench. My teenage son puts his virgin cock into my wet warm pussy. I let him fuck me till he cums.

I buy him the speedos and we leave the store happy and so ready for the school year!

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