You guessed it, folks, today, as usual, we are gonna have some hot fun. Let’s talk about sexy cheating women! Over here at Phone Sex Kingdom, in any event, we love to cater to your hot and naughty fantasies. From Sexual humiliation games to today’s topic Who Needs Monogamy and everything in between you can find your perfect babe!  Relax and take a sweet ride to these sexy girl’s thighs as they tell you how they just love cheating on the men in their lives! Perhaps you might discover a new cheating fantasy of your own!

Who Needs Monogamy:  Sexy Cheating Teen Gives Into Her Needs!


Tossing her phone across the bed, Ashlee had enough of her stupid jock boyfriend always blowing her off. Lately, even when they had hung out, Adam was all about pleasing himself. Ashlee couldn’t remember the last time that she had a real orgasm.  She decided enough was enough and grabbed her keys and drove to her boyfriend’s house.  When she got there much to her dismay, She found out from Adam’s Dad Mike that he left for a boy’s weekend out of the blue. Ashlee sighed and looked so upset. Mike wrapped his arms around her and gave her a huge hug. A thought flashed across Ashlee’s mind. She never thought about it but with mike pressed against her and feeling his thickness, she might try to be a Cheating Teen with Mike.

I pressed my lips against his and slid my hand down to his crouch. He particularly had started to protest until I gripped his thickness and began to stroke. I pulled a loud groan from his lips and be picked me up. He carried me over to a chair and plopped me down and started to kiss down my neck feverishly. His lips worked their way down to my full tits and teased each of my nipples making me moan, he ripped down my shorts and panties and continued his assault of passion.  The moment he reached my now wet pussy and took the first lick that’s when I knew I should have been a cheating teen sooner… after all Who Needs Monogamy when I can feel passion like this!

Who Needs Monogamy?: Cheating Girlfriend Get’s Loving From Her Boss!


Sarah had an ongoing relationship, besides her boyfriend Ian she craved a bit more passion. Sarah Was a Cheating Girlfriend, particularly, with her boss Andy. She loved to wear tight outfits to the office to tease him. Today Sarah had on a black sexy bra, lacy black thong, underneath her pencil skirt and top that was unbuttoned enough to show cleavage. They loved to play the game of cat and mouse and fool around during office hours. Today was her day to come in with an excuse to stay a while. Gathering up files and lose papers to a few accounts that she had completed, she made her way to his office to go over the work so to speak.  She knocked on the door and heard his voice call her in. Wetness began to grow between her legs.

With attention to her, his eyes focused on the exposed breast. This was enough to stir the beast of a cock in his pants. Andy pulled her against his chest and kissed her passionately. His big hands cupping her tight ass. Pulling her skirt up he smacked her exposed ass.  Ripping a small moan from between her lips he reached down and rubbed feeling her sweet sticky wetness. Andy loved how much her pussy craved his touch. Sarah wiggled around rubbing herself and letting more of her juices leak on his hand. She loved showing him just how needy that little pussy was.

Who Needs Monogamy? Sexy Wife is a BBC Cheater!


Mel was a very unsatisfied wife, she was addicted to big black cock. Her husband Bill was an underwhelming lover with a tiny white cock. She knew she had no choice but to be a BBC Cheater! She loved Bill for many other reasons but he was not as sexually open as she wanted to be.  Mel loved to be under BBC, especially more than one!  Mel had a list of BBC that she could call upon to suit her needs.  Her favorite was her neighbor Marc.

Mel’s favorite thing to do with Marc is calling him over and ride his cock on the couch with her husband in the next room. She wanted to be fulled of BBC cum and show her husband that she gets her pleasure else were.  After all who needs monogamy?

Who Needs Monogamy? Playtime has just begun…

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