After my daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party she and I became intimately close. I taught her how a woman is suppose to feel between her legs. I taught her how a long wet tongue can massage a woman’s clitoris and make her feel complete as a woman. She is a fast learner. And she knows how to reciprocate. We’ve been having so much fun together exploring each others bodies especially in the shower. “Shower Time” is our favorite time. The first time we took a shower together was the morning after her sweet sixteen birthday.  When the sun rose I looked over on my bed and saw my beautiful daughter laying there naked with her golden hair sprawled on the pillow sleeping like a baby. With the taste of her sweet pussy juice still on my mouth I stroked her beautiful face. She opened her pretty eyes, smiled and whispered “Mommy” as she stroked my face. I reached down and lightly kissed her rosy lips and said “Come on baby, it’s time to get cleaned up. Why don’t you join mommy in the shower?” She leaped out of bed with her perky upright tits bouncing and ran into the bathroom. “I’ll turn the water on.” I could hear the spray of the water and see the steam seeping into the bedroom. She was so anxious. I took my time and slowly strutted my long naked frame into the bathroom. The shower curtain was closed. She’s playing a game, I thought,  so I decided to play along. I called out to her, “Tinsley, honey, come out come out wherever you are.” She quickly opened the shower curtain and shouted, “BOO…ha ha ha…I’m right here mommy.” She was covered in lather and I couldn’t resist her. I stepped into the show and began gently massaging the lather on her right tit.

Tasty Tinsley
Wet and wild Tinsley

She moaned with delight. And without hesitation she stretched out her tongue and started licking my nipple which made my pussy get wet. With the warm water flowing on our bodies I felt compelled to fall to my knees and force my face between her thighs. She spread her legs wide for me and sighed with anticipation. I did not disappoint. I opened my mouth wide and slid my tongue deep inside her pussy and then began sucking on her clit. She swiveled her hips to let mommy get deep inside. She moaned again. Her sweet juices were so tasty I continued to lick and suck  her pussy and hear her moan. She stroked and pulled my hair. I stood up and we shared a passionate kiss. She continued to kiss my neck and then my tits and continued down to lick my belly button and all the way down until her head was between my thighs. She ate my pussy like a hungry man eating his last meal. I moaned and howled with desire. My pussy juice was flowing into her mouth and she was drinking and sucking every drop. What a wonderful morning. Mommy and Daughter Play in the Shower.  Suddenly there was a surprise visitor. The shower curtain swung open and there was my teenage son standing there completely naked with a full blown hard on watching his mother and sister. While stroking his fat 8 inch cock he said in a deep dry voice, “Mom….Tinsley…can I join the party?” Tinsley gazed at her brothers huge cock with desire and said, “Come on in big brother. Let’s see what you can do with that thing.” And he did.

Writtten by GENIE

Momma Genie
Momma Genie

Mommy daugther
Shower with Momma Genie and her daughter Tinsley