Does Baby want his diaper changed?

I want you to lay on the bed so I can pull down your rubber pants and take them off.  And look they are all wet with your pee.  Off to the dirty clothes with them.  Now I’m going to reach for the first pin. Undo it and stick it into the bed, and Baby, don’t you touch!  Then I do likewise with the other pin.  Baby’s diaper is all undone and ready to pull down and slide out from under your bummy.  Oh my, it’s so wet.  Lift yourself up a little as I pull and roll up your very wet nasty diaper.  And take it and put it in Baby’s diaper pail.

As I walk back to the bed I notice you playing with your little Dicky.  You naughty boy, playing with your little Dicky   “ leave him alone or you’re going to go blind “  and I slap Baby’s hand.

Next thing is to get you all nice and clean.

So I take the wet wipe in my hands and kind of rub it to take the coldness off.  And then drop it on little Dicky.  Look at little Dicky, he’s starting to stick right up straight, that’s from Baby rubbing and playing with him.  The wet one looks like a little tent.  I bring my hand down on top of the tent and make it lay down.  And when I let it go the tent rises once again.

Baby’s little Dicky is so cute…look at him still sticking right up straight as I take the wet wipe off again.  I can’t help myself, I have to put my hand on him and give him a little squeeze.   Maybe if Mommy kisses your little Dicky he will be a good boy and lie down and go to sleep.  Not likely, right?

How about you call me and we can finish the story together…wouldn’t it be a great bedtime story?

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