Mommy and Son Shop for Sexy Clothes

I love to shop. I really love to buy and wear sexy clothes. So I know all the shops in my neighborhood, the trendy, the high fashion, the cheap trashy lingerie, the tailor-made dress shops, the thrift stores, and the hip hop shops. I love to go shopping with my teenage son. He has such a great eye for fashion. Plus, he knows what looks sexy on mommy’s body.  My son knows what he likes.

The first store we went to is a trendy little shop that sells so many unusual items and clothing. Johnny spotted an adorable pastel pink lace bra and pantie set. “Oh mommy, that would look so good on you.” It was beautiful and the look in Johnny’s eye imagining it on me was a real turn-on. I said, “Ok, son, I’ll buy and try it on at home so you can see it, alright.” He smiled from ear to ear as the cashier rang it up.

The next store was a thrift store. Johnny has an eye for fashion and ran right to the women’s clothing department. He spotted a leopard print mini skirt and a black halter top. “Oh, mommy I would love to see you in this with those black patent leather high heel pumps you have.”

When he said that I just had to buy them.

For my sexy mommy
For my sexy mommy

Then we went to a well-known department store that had a big sale on women’s panties. Johnny’s eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store when he saw all the pretty panties displayed. “Oh, mommy look at this. They’re all so beautiful. You should get the satin red bikinis, the bright yellow cheeky panties, the black thong, the lacey blue bikinis, the pink cheeky panties with the black lace and the bright red thong.” I smiled at my son’s delight and bought everything he suggested. We shopped around some more and I bought a few more things and then went home.

Then Johnny said, “Mommy, can you try them on for me?” I said, “Ok, baby, mommy put on a real fashion show for you.” I put on the black thong and then the pastel pink panties over them and the pastel pink bra with my pink high heels and put the mini skirt and halter top on top. Johnny was so excited and I could see a bulge in his pants as he said, “Oh Mommy, that is so sexy.” Then I did a little striptease for him.

He pulled out his cock and stroked it as I stripped.

I pulled off the halter top and showed my pink bra, then I unhooked the bra and threw it at him showing my big tits. Then I pulled off the skirt and then the pink panties. He grabbed the panties and started smelling them. I danced around in my thong and high heels. He crawled underneath my long legs and drove his tongue between the rim of the thong and started licking my pussy. “Oh Mommy, you taste so good.”

Mommy and Son Shop for Sexy Clothes


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