Sometimes when it is a slow day, or on my very rare off days, my mind wanders. I think about my past, my present, and sometimes my future. The other day, after a really hot call from one of my ‘boys’ that calls me Mommy, I had a quiet time. He turned me on so much with ideas of what he wanted to do to me, that my pussy was still tingling about an hour after he hung up, and I had already cum 3 times! I decided to take a shower and see how I felt.

 While the steaming hot water ran all over my body, my mind drifted. My hands rubbed my 32G breasts, and my fingers teased my slit, and my eyes closed. When I opened them, there was a hazy dark image outside the glass. I opened it slowly, as we often do in dreams, and standing there was a perfect blending of me and my fiance, in the version of a little boy. He was naked and had wide eyes.
He looked up at me and asked, “Mommy, what were you doing? I thought it was time for my shower?” I reached out a hand and helped him in. The shower was small, and his little face brushed my hard nipples. His tiny erection, touched my leg. I asked him to help Mommy wash up, and then she would do the same for him. His little hands ran down my back with the soap and he paused when he got to my ass. I told him to make sure to wash in between the cheeks. He followed my instruction and I handed him the sprayer to rinse me off.
I turned around and began to soap him up and down. I rubbed his shoulders, chest, and stomach. When I got to his little guy, it bobbed as I lathered it up. He jumped a little as my soaped up finger slipped in his anus, but he relaxed as I explained it was the only way to clean him. Soon his pecker erupted and covered me with clear cum. He got upset but I told him it was OK, that now I knew he was clean inside and out. I rinsed him off, and just as I was going to go further, the water turned ice cold, and snapped me out of it.
I think I would be such a good, caring Mommy…what do you think?


Mommy And Son Phone Sex With Geri

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