When my husband asked me if it was alright if he could go hang out with the boys and celebrate their favorite team winning a championship game I acted like the sweet, caring wife. I looked at him innocently and said “Oh honey, of course, you can go hang out with the boys. Stay out as long as you want to. You deserve it”, and kissed him goodbye. What my husband didn’t know is that my pussy was moist and the crotch of my panties soaked just to know that I would be home alone with my sexy teenage stepson.


As soon as I heard my husband’s car leave the driveway I strolled upstairs and knocked on my stepson’s door. He said, “Doors open….come in”. I walked in to find him laying on his bed completely naked watching porn and stroking his huge cock. I walked over to the bed and stared at him. “Do you like my cock, mommy?,” he whispered. “Yes….I like it very much, son”, I said as I began taking off my clothes. When he saw my huge naked breasts he lifted up his head and began sucking my titties and pulling my panties off.

Our bodies were drawn together in a way we couldn’t control. We were way past flirting and fondling and sneaking kisses and stroking each other. Tonight we were going to fuck each other hard and neither of us wanted to waste a moment playing pretend. We both have wanted this for so long and now the wait was over. His tongue was down my throat and right my hand was rubbing his ass cheeks as my left hand was squeezing his huge balls.

He was so aroused and so manly he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me on the bed. He spread my legs wide apart and fingered my pussy as he sucked my titties. My body squirmed from passion. I wanted his cock i my pussy so bad and he made me so wet before he put it. He licked my pussy and my ass with his long wet tongue and said, “Moan for me, mommy, let me know you like it. I want to make you cum. “Moaned and screamed and panted for air as his tongue fucked my pussy and my ass. I was so wet.

He took my creamy wetness and spread it on my tits and shoved his cock between my tits and shoved the head of his cock all the way back to my mouth and I just had to suck it. Then he moaned, “Oh mommy, suck it….suck it good.” So I swallowed it. He pulled his throbbing cock out of my mouth and said, “Mommy, I want to FUCK you.” I said, ”FUCK me, baby. Mommy wants to feel your throbbing cock in my pussy.” He shoved it deep inside fucked me so hard and pounded my pussy as I begged him to pump me even harder.

When he came inside my pussy I could feel his creamy cum fill up my entire pussy. We laid there in each other’s sweat and cum and kissed and fondled each other until we heard my husband’s car in the driveway. I left his room, closed the door, and got in the shower. When my husband came upstairs he walked right into the bathroom and opened the shower curtain. He was drunk and his hard cock was poking out of his pants. He looked at my naked body, stripped down naked, and joined me in the shower. Oh well…I guess I’m ready for “Round Two”. I’m such a whore fucking the son….now the father.

Mommy and Son Home Alone Part 2 

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