The phrase ‘Mommy always knows best’ is very true. I was sweet 16 and opening up to the world. I was shy but mommy was teaching me to slowly become brazen especially after that night with the champagne. A hunger had started to really stir within me, my brother always looked so good but I wanted a mommy and me experience that could be just between us. I’d gone to my mom confiding in her my desires and she’d given me that understanding smile. So we’d gone out for the day and bumped into my crush from school. I was flustered and shy and my mom had her usual charming smile on her face.

“Z-Zack! Hey” I told him shyly he really couldn’t keep his eyes of my mothers tits, they were massive and I hoped that someday mine were just as big as my mothers.

“Hey there i’m Genie, Tinsleys mother” She introduced herself snapping Zack out of his staring.

“Nice to meet you i’m Zack, me and Tinsley go to school together” He told her before looking at his watch “Crap I gotta go it was nice meeting you, tins i’ll see you later” With that he ran off. Zack was always running off to some date, the girls in the class swooned over his good looks. Sandy blonde hair, forest green eyes, a smile that showed his sexy dimples, and a body of a Calvin Klein model. I had heard the rumors about his package it was apparently really really big and the girls he’d been with loved to gloat about his sexual prowess. I really envied them, my mother could tell by the look on my face that I wanted him.

“Baby girl why don’t you invite that nice boy over?”

“Are you sure mommy?”

“Of course sweetheart Momma knows best”

“Alright Mommy”

The next day when I was in school I invited Zack to come over to my house that weekend and he happily agreed, no doubt to see my mother once more. I wasn’t jealous my mom was beautiful and even I enjoyed sucking on her big bouncy breasts. When the weekend rolled around my mom woke me up early “Sweetie your friends comin in 3 hours right?” She asked me and I looked at the clock, i’d slept till noon. Groggily nodding at her she smiled “Your brothers gone for the day with his friends, lets get ready” She told me and I nodded.

Finally my mother explained the plan to me, we were going to seduce him….

Wish you were Zack? Cum show up at our doorstep 😉



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