You know how it is when you work all day and you get sweaty and sticky and all you can think about is getting home to a nice long shower or bath. I want to prop up my feet and rest and relax and maybe even get someone to give me a much needed foot rub. I came home one evening thinking I’d have the house all to myself. I knew my husband was out of town for at least 3 more days. My daughter was away at college and my teenage son loves to stay out late with his friends. So I figured…hey…this is MY night. I can do what I want. I can walk around naked if I want to. This is MY house….my time….my night. When I got home the house was quiet. I kicked off my shoes in the kitchen. I started taking off my clothes one item at a time. I unbuttoned my blouse and threw it on the living room floor. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall on the floor at the base of the stairs.  I don’t care. I’ll clean it up later. I’m home alone right. I danced up the stairs in my bare feet, my hot pink thong, and lace hot pink bra. All I kept thinking about was a nice hot….hot….shower. I could feel the water stroking my body in my mind. Yea….it was that kind of day.  I walked up to the bathroom door and saw that it was partially opened and steam was seeping out. I know I’m overworked….but could I have possibly already turned the shower on? Could I be that tired. I walked in the bathroom and heard the roar of the water flowing. Am I going crazy? Oh well….this is exactly what I wanted….a nice HOT shower. So I quickly opened the shower curtains to pop in and low and behold……my son’s best friend, Matthew was butt naked and all lathered up under my shower head. I was startled and so was he but my eyes were fixed on his young, hot, built body. Yummy. We could stop staring at each with the steam flowing between our gaze. I watched his 8 inch cock rise up and grow  rock hard right before my eyes. I said, “Can I join you?”. He nodded “yes”. I asked him if he could help me with my bra. He nodded “yes” and popped my bra strap with one stoke. My enormous tits were in his face. He slowly put his hand inside my thong and ripped it off my body. He helped me into the shower and began sucking my tits and finger fucking my pussy. I kissed him in the mouth and stuck my tongue all the way down his throat. When he drove that huge cock inside my dripping wet pussy, I could have screamed….but I didn’t. I didn’t want to wake up my son. The sexual heat was off the chain knowing we could be caught at anytime. But as luck would have it we fucked for three hours undisturbed. After the shower I brought him to my bedroom and we fucked hard. He drove that dick up my ass, between my tits, in my mouth and hard and fast in my pussy. After we both had our fill he crept back in to my son’s room. That morning, feeling refreshed and revived, I woke up early and starting cooking breakfast. My son and Matthew came down stairs. My son said, “Mom, when did you get home?”  “Oh honey, I got in late. You were asleep and I didn’t want to wake you.” “Cool….I hope you don’t mind that Matt stayed over.” “No…of course not, sweetie. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine,”   Matt look at me with those sexy bedroom eyes and I tried to hide how horny I was. “Matt, are you hungry?” He said in a low, “No maam….I ate so much last night. But I can make room for anything you’re cooking, Momma Genie….it all smells so good.”

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