Did you know that Momma’s a Big Freak?

Can we talk? We’re not children, right? I mean, I don’t have to censor my words or anything. We can enter into a little ADULT CHAT, right? I can tell you what a big freak your momma is and you won’t freak out. Or will you? I mean,  you did know just by the way I dress and the way switch my hips when I walk and the seductive tone in my voice even when I’m asking for a drink of water….you can tell can’t you? That your Momma’s a Big Freak?

Yes, I like to get down and dirty with men, all types of men in all types of ways and I also like to get kinky with women. I prefer a young blonde just like many of you. And when I’m feeling really frisky I like to get high and get naughty with a group of horny men and women. I even like to sit on the sidelines and stroke my pussy as watch two men go at it. Oh, I’m a big freak.

Once I went to a party full of freaks like me.

I dropped some kind of pill that someone gave me that made me feel so hot and horny. And when I chased it with a couple of shots of Tequila I was wet and ready for anything. I looked up and saw a group of people gathering around as though they were looking at a street performer. I pushed through the crowd to see what there were peering and grinning at. It was a hot couple, a man and a woman fucking like fiends in the middle of the floor. It was live porn. Made me so hot that I joined them.

I heard the rest of the crowd moaning and pushing saying, “Yea do it…Jump in girl…..go gets it.” Even though the guy was knee deep fucking her in the ass doggie style she knelt in front of me and pushed her head between my legs and started eating me out. Well, that just got everybody hot and bothered and the next thing you know it was a full blown orgy going on. Don’t judge me because if you were there you would be jerking and fucking and sucking too. And I don’t care who knows it. Your Momma’s a Big Freak.


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