Momma Spanks Bad Boys.

A good mother disciplines her children. Especially the boys because can be a handful. Of course, boys can also be a mouthful. But that’s a different story. But I think an ass whipping is what my bad boy needs. “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. This Momma spanks bad boys. Well, this momma does not spare the rod. But I usually use a shoe or the back of my hairbrush to punish my bad boy when I catch him digging through my panty drawer and sniffing and wearing my panties. And then I will be forced to make him bend over so I can smack that naughty ass. Yes. Bend over. Face to the floor and Ass in the air because I’m going to tear that butt up. Oh yes.

And you know you’ve been bad. You have been so defiant and mommy has to whip you so that you will learn to do the right thing. Plus, I like to see your little white ass turn red. When I use the back of my hairbrush it makes a nice popping sound. POP…POP…SMACK…WHACK. Woo….it feels good to punish you. And you need it. You know you’re a bad boy. You must want mommy to beat you on the butt. I think you like it. You really are a BAD BOY. Every time I hit you on the ass I see your cock getting harder and harder and that makes mommy want to beat you even more.

I wonder what else my bad boy is capable of. Do you want to smell my panties while I’m still wearing them?

Of course, you do, you bad boy. So put your face between my thighs and bury your nose in my crotch. Get a good whiff. Oh, my you are a really bad boy. Now mommy has to beat you again. Smack…Pop…Crack. Oh…now, look at that cock. It’s huge and throbbing. Now mommy has to make you put that big bad cock right between my tits. I beat your ass….now I’m going to beat your meat.

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