mom caught me jerking off

Finally, decided to make sure my mom caught me jerking off in my room. I really wasn’t nervous. I heard the garage door open so I went to work stroking my cock. Just thinking about it and I was turned on thinking about having my mom catching me jerking on my thick long cock. I closed my eyes imagining my mom naked as worked my hand up and down faster and faster on my erect prick. Then I heard my mom,

“Honey are you…”

She didn’t finish the question as she stepped into the doorway of my room getting the shock of her life; ‘catching’ her son jerking off. I opened my eyes to see her standing there with a look of disbelief on her face; I quickly noticed that she didn’t leave! My mom stood there for what seemed like hours but it was only 20 or 30 seconds before she spoke.

“Seth stop that!”

I didn’t, of course, I kept right on going as I could feel my load building up. “Stop that right now!” she said again but not leaving or looking away either. “OH” I began to groan as I could feel my ejaculation building up quickly.

“I will…I will mom…give me a minute.”

This was my chance and I wanted to cum in front of my mom. I knew that my mom would know what I meant when I said I would in a minute. She just stood there watching her son jerking off on his bed. As my eyes glazed over with an intense lust driven haze my eyes fixed on my mom. I began to say to myself, ‘she is watching! Mom is going to watch you get off!’ I was stroking my cock as fast as I could, nearly pulling it off it felt like to me. Then my cock erupted to my pleasure and in front of my mom.

My spunk began to spew out,

shooting up a couple of inches into the air then real load exploded out of my cock. Nice big spurts of my hot splurge pumped out of my prick, the first large spurt shot up in the air. The rest though just pumped out of my shaft quickly covering my hand and cock with a thick white sticky coating of sperm. I think my mom was surprised by how much cum I milked out of my prick and to my dirty delight she watched the entire show. Then when I was done, all too soon for my taste, I felt oddly satisfied having gotten off in front of my mom. Watching mom licking her lips and the hypnotized look on her face I could not help offering…

“Would you like to taste?”

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