Mistress Raine Finally Owns Me

I’ve never been this hard before in my life, all over a phone call. My breathing was erratic my face was flushed; I was a mess. Her voice drew me so far into blissful fantasy that I never wanted it to stop. I moaned, thinking about her behind me with her huge cock, “Does the thought of me pegging your worthless ass turn you on, little man?” she asked as she nudged my throbbing cock with her foot. “Yes Mistress,” I replied as I was swallowed by this fantasy.

She swatted my ass as I climbed onto the bed, and all I could do was wince from the pain. “If you think that hurt just wait until my cock is in your stomach.” Hearing her say that set my nerves on fire, my cock throbbed even harder in anticipation. Heartbeats later I feel her slather lube all over my virgin ass, so cold but so good, making my hole twitch. “Your such a good little pegging slut,” she said as I basically fucked her finger like a needy whore. I was too far gone, this was my; purpose to be her toy.

I was quivering while waiting for my Mistress to begin pegging me.

My thoughts were a blur as I felt her press her tip against me, prodding me. This is it, I thought as I felt her push into me incredibly slowly, teasingly almost. But I couldn’t wait any longer and slid back onto it, moaning as I took the whole damned thing.

“Well well well, just couldn’t wait could you?” she asked as she slid back out and stopped with the tip barely in me. “Does my toy want this back?” “Y-Yes,” I stuttered, my throat raw from the skull fucking I’d just received.” ‘Yes’ what, worm?” asked the beautiful goddess standing above me. “Yes Mistress Raine, please fuck me with your big thick cock! Use me like the toy I am!” I said, utterly brimming with lust. At this point, my mind going blank as she sunk back into me, making me moan as she split me open again, my arms going limp, succumbing to the pleasure. I laid there taking it, being a good little toy for my well-hung mistress.

 Phone Sex!